3 tips to easily order punctual transport of goods

4 Feb, 2021

You have probably already faced the difficulties of opening an account and shipping goods with a transportation provider. It is sometimes difficult to obtain a quick quote for a specific transport of goods. transport of goods . In many cases, you must first make an appointment with a sales representative to estimate your annual volume of shipments before you can book your first shipment. However, there are innovative SMEs that offer solutions to easily book your punctual transportation.

Call on a local SME to quickly obtain an attractive rate for the punctual transport of your goods

The transport companies in your area have teams that listen to your needs. Thanks to their knowledge of the territory and their proximity, they know how to be reactive to give you quickly a personalized and affordable tariff proposal for your punctual transport. It goes without saying that a family-owned SME like Goëvia is experienced in transporting specific products such as wine or oysters, two flagship products of the Gironde region. Employees and managers of small and medium-sized companies can turn to teams of experts for personalized advice. Reactive, they facilitate the process of their customers to open an account and organize efficiently an occasional transport of material or goods.

Contact a carrier with a design office to get a personalized answer to your punctual transport

If you want to ship material that is not palletized, you can submit your one-time transportation request to a design office. A team of experts will find a solution adapted to the type of goods you wish to transport. You can use this type of service when you want to ship machinery, agricultural equipment, industrial products or hazardous materials, for example. The design office offers you a dedicated solution for your punctual transport of specific material. Do not hesitate to take advantage of this type of service which will seduce you by the reliability of the advice and the quality of the service. You will see that it is easy to work with a local trucking company with a design office that listens to you.

Order your punctual transport on an online booking platform

Sometimes you want to book a transport quickly without going through a salesman or outside the opening hours of your carrier’s office. This is the opportunity to test the online punctual transport booking platforms such as Goëvia online. This type of interface is fast, efficient and easy to use. Digital solutions like Goëvia online offer you the possibility to easily fill in a form with some information like the city of departure, the city of arrival, the type of goods. In just a few clicks, you can obtain a personalized rate for your punctual transport of goods. Thanks to this intuitive solution, you also have the possibility to follow the progress of your shipment online in real time.

Small and medium-sized businesses regularly face the problem of being refused an account with certain carriers because they do not have a large enough annual volume of shipments. However, there are family-owned SMEs such as Goëvia, which have teams that listen to the punctual transport needs of companies in their regions. Thanks to its design office and its online transport booking platform, Goëvia simplifies the ordering of a first transport of goods for small and medium-sized companies.

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