5 advantages of road transport: the best way for your goods

10 Feb, 2023

River, air, sea, rail, road transport: how to choose the most efficient alternative to ship your goods anywhere in France and even internationally? At Transports Goëvia, we are certain that road transport will remain an essential link in our logistics chains for a long time to come. For several more or less obvious reasons, it is still the most profitable solution today! If you have any doubts, these 5 arguments are likely to make you change your mind about road freight transport.

Road transport is compatible with last mile management

The last mile represents the last part of thechain logistics, when goods must be delivered from the last warehouse to the final recipient. This final recipient can rarely be delivered by 44 ton truck, train or airplane. This is why, even if we want to do without road transport, it remains essential at certain stages, and in particular during this last mile.

From an environmental point of view, it is quite possible to combine ecology and management of the last kilometer. Transporters like Goëvia, for example, use a maximum of hybrid or Oleo100-compatible vehicles (100% rapeseed oil fuel) for deliveries in the city.

A much more reliable mode of transportation

When you hire a professional carrier to deliver your goods, you need a partner who can deliver consistently. In the world of freight transport, road hauliers are the most consistent.

For example, if there is a problem on a railroad line, the traffic can quickly come to a complete standstill. On the other hand, a truck will always have the possibility to deviate its trajectory at the last moment when faced with a car accident. By road, the hazards do not prevent us from delivering on time as much , because we can find alternatives more quickly. On the other hand, on air or rail transport, the unexpected can become a handicap much more quickly.

A dense network to deliver all over France in the shortest possible time

Another undeniable advantage for road haulage is that it can use multiple routes, as France is crossed by freeways, but also by national and departmental roads. Thanks to this large network, it is quite easy to cross a department and even a region.

On the rail side, we do not have enough rail to meet all the needs that would be encountered if we were to do without road transport. At the same time, it should be noted that passengers always have priority on our rail network, withfreight only coming second. Logically, a much higher coverage rate and service level is achieved through the intermediary of the TRM (Transport Routier de Marchandises).

More attractive prices: the advantage of road transport tariffs

Compared to boat or airplane, the transport The cost of roadfreight is lower. It allows more people to access the services of professional transporters, for regular or occasional needs.

You want to promote transportation road-rail to save money? Keep in mind that carriers must invest in more expensive equipment to provide this type of service (trucks with boxes that can also be placed on the rails). Considering the proposed deadlines and prices per km, road transport remains the best value for money!

Increasingly environmentally friendly freight transport

Do you want to reduce the weight of your freight transport by road, in order to better protect the planet? Stop the prejudice: transportation The road transport industry has already begun its ecological transition, and continues to evolve towards an increasingly virtuous model.

At Transports Goëvia, we invest in Oleo100, a locally produced French fuel made of 100% rapeseed oil. We are also developing our fleet of hybrid trucks, mainly to deliver to city centers. All our vehicles are at least Euro 6 certified.

Developments in terms of ecology are moving fast on the heavy goods vehicle side… Much faster than in the world of air transport, which is still very problematic for our planet. MRT has a bright future ahead of it, and deserves your interest for all these reasons.

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