A beautiful operation of solidarity in which we are proud to participate!

1 Apr, 2020

The public authorities have contacted the industrialists of the region in order to unite to set up a solidarity operation which aims at supplying the health establishments of the Bordeaux region with Hydroalcoholic Gel.

The UCVA of Coutras has been recently approved to produce Hydroalcoholic Gel. The sub-prefect called on local companies to provide containers and arrange for their transport.

SANOFI, LEVEQUE ET FILS, MOUEIX, DULONG-CALVET, LES GRANDS CHAIS DE France, CEVA SANTE ANIMALE were present to supply the containers. Our Goëvia transport team is honored to participate in this citizen mission, delivering at this very moment more than 32,000 liters of hydroalcoholic gel containers.

Congratulations to Hugo and Benoit, who were in charge of the event and made sure that everything went smoothly and quickly, and congratulations to all the participating industrialists for this unprecedented coordination.

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