A carrier in Rotterdam that clearly displays its prices

How much will it cost to ship goods to Rotterdam, home of the Kijk-Kubus, the iconic cube house designed by Piet Blom? With Transports Goëvia, you know you can count on perfectly transparent pricing in terms of transport and logistics services. In the heart of this emblematic Dutch city, we’re used to making all kinds of goods deliveries. Here, economic activity is boosted by tourism. Hundreds of people come to admire the Euromast, a tower almost 200 meters high designed by Hugh Maaskant in the 1960s… and also the Erasmus Bridge, 800 meters long linking the two parts of Rotterdam separated by the Meuse.

Price list for road transport to Rotterdam

Do you need road haulage services to the Place de la Bourse in Rotterdam’s international business center? Contact Transports Goëvia to find out about our rates for transporting goods to Rotterdam, the Netherlands and all other destinations in continental Europe.

Several criteria will influence the cost of your road transport: the number of pallets to be delivered (partial or full loads), and the distance to be covered. You may have to pay more if you have specific deadline requirements, and your goods need to be delivered to Rotterdam urgently. At the same time, technical deliveries or deliveries requiring extra precautions (dangerous goods, for example) can cost more money.

In any case, with Transports Goëvia, you enjoy ongoing price transparency. We’ll give you a detailed quote whenever you need one, and we’ll even tell you the fuel tax every month!

A simple, straightforward pricing policy at Transports Goëvia, to Rotterdam and beyond

The prices we offer at Transports Goëvia, for shipping goods to Rotterdam or any other city in France or Europe, are based on our price list. For deliveries in France, we work with Évolutrans and Volupal. We are committed to maintaining the same rigorous, transparent pricing policy for all our transport and logistics services, including to the Netherlands. This way, whatever your needs, you always benefit from the same quality standards with Transports Goëvia.

Don’t forget that the prices quoted by our sales teams include appointment setting, invoicing and file management costs, the provision of a tailgate and pallet truck, not forgetting traceability and labeling work.


How much is your diesel tax?

The amount of diesel tax varies according to fuel prices: to find out your tax index, use our free calculator :

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