A few tips for transporting your goods in Blanquefort

The town of Blanquefort, on the outskirts of Bordeaux, is a pleasant place to live close to the city. With its Majolan park, Tanaïs wood, Cambon park, Fongravey park and Padouens lake, there’s no shortage of reasons to take a breath of fresh air and get away from it all. In addition to its green and peaceful surroundings, Blanquefort is an integral part of the Bordeaux metropolitan area, and as such, is the hub of a large number of logistics flows. If you are looking for a road haulage company in Blanquefort, take the time to contact us.

Packaging your goods for transport to Blanquefort

First of all, whether you’re sending goods from the Rue Jean Duvert shopping area, from the city center or from the Rue Dupaty area where the town hall is located, don’t forget that, as the sender, you’re responsible for packaging your goods.

Make sure you build your logistics pallet in Blanquefort in a methodical way: the heaviest parcels on the bottom, the bulkiest and lightest items on top. Make sure that everything is sufficiently protected so that pallets can withstand successive loading and unloading operations when docked.

Don’t hesitate to use packaging accessories: in addition to stretch film, which completely wraps the pallet and prevents one or more packages from becoming separated, there are protections for corners, edges and any other parts of the goods that may be more vulnerable.

Communication of all information to your carrier in Gironde

Once you’ve prepared the packaging of your goods in Blanquefort, make sure that you’ve given your freight forwarder all the information they need to make a smooth delivery.

If there are any constraints on loading (e.g. top or side loading) or unloading, if delivery is required on a difficult or inaccessible road, or if it is impossible for a truck to turn around at the sender’s or recipient’s premises, the carrier must be informed. Choosing a local transport company also helps to avoid this kind of unforeseen event, as professionals who work daily in the same area are familiar with it and know how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

Choosing Ad Valorem insurance to protect your shipment

Even if you choose the best road haulier in Blanquefort and work with a company like Transports Goëvia, we still recommend that you take out Ad Valorem insurance. This allows you to be compensated for the value of your merchandise in the event of the slightest problem. As a reminder, there are rules limiting the carrier’s liability in the event of damage – losses are by definition compensated on the basis of the weight transported, not the value of the packages.


How to avoid damage and loss in road transport?

Download our free guide outlining the most important tips for avoiding losses during the transportation of your goods:

  • Communicate all information to your carrier
  • Understanding your needs and constraints
  • Choose the right packaging and accessories
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