A local carrier to ensure your international deliveries

13 Mar, 2023

Are you looking for a first-class partner to expand your business beyond national borders? Do you need to transport goods to the Benelux, Spain, Portugal, England or even Sweden? Rely on the adaptability and expertise of all Goëvia teams for your transport abroad.

A freight forwarder who speaks several languages

In the sales department of Transports Goëvia (in Vayres, near Bordeaux), several employees are required to communicate in different languages. We can communicate with English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Flemish, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic speakers.

You don’t need to learn English or any other foreign language to have your goods transported internationally: your specialist transport and logistics provider will take care of all these formalities for you. We contact all the actors of the logistic chain that we need to guarantee the success of our deliveries in France and abroad. Of course, we are committed to maintaining a constant link with your recipient, regardless of their native language.

A transport company expert in customs formalities

When you ship goods outside of France, you must choose the right incoterms. This name refers to the rules that govern exchanges between countries, to facilitate communication between all parties and to work within a common legal framework (regardless of the specificities of each country’s regulations).

In the road transport of goods (TRM), for example, two incoterms are still in the majority: EXW (EX Works) and DDP (Delivery Duty Paid).

As a client of Transports Goëvia, you benefit from a complete support in the management of all these administrative formalities. We advise you on the incoterms and we take care of all the customs procedures.

To summarize, our OVERSEAS service includes a complete multimodal management of your import-export goods transport (by road, air and sea) as well as the management of customs procedures.

Which transport plan for international deliveries?

Our OVERSEAS transport plan covers the whole ofcontinental Europe, from the United Kingdom to Romania, including Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, etc.

It allows you to ship partial lots (between 1 and 6 pallets) or complete lots, but also dangerous goods (ADR transport anywhere in Europe). Finally, with the groupage of goods, we can make shipments to multiple destinations.

The specifications for our international transport are the same as those adopted for our national transport, based on Evolutrans requirements. In this sense, we always offer you the same guarantees in terms of traceability, care given to the goods, respect of deadlines and pricing transparency. As for all your transports in France, your transport documents (POD) are accessible online in a few clicks.

The tariff grid for international freight transport

Do you want to know the price of an international transport of goods? This depends on several criteria.

The distance travelled

It is naturally more expensive to deliver goods to a distant country than to a border country. At Transports Goëvia, we have regular routes to many countries, not only those that border each other. This allows us to guarantee an excellent quality/price ratio on a wide selection of international destinations.

The goods (nature, quantity)

Shipping a pallet to Europe costs less money than shipping a whole lot. Since there are certain regulations for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR), it can also be more expensive. Of course, an international transport price list is always based on the volume and weight transported.

Specific requirements

Do you need to find an international transport solution quickly, for an urgent shipment? This may cost you more than an upstream transport. On the other hand, if you can anticipate your needs and make an agreement for a regular transport of goods, you will be able to make interesting savings: talk to your trucking company.

The costs of the company

The costs incurred by a transport company vary according to several factors : fuel and raw material prices, changes in employee salaries, toll prices, etc. In times of inflation, it is not surprising to see your international transport price increase. Without it, your carrier cannot maintain its fleet and pay its employees their fair value.

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