A local transport company around Libourne and Bordeaux

If you’re looking for a professional transport company in Libourne, 30 minutes from Bordeaux, you may come across Transports Goëvia. Girondin by essence, this transporter knows your city and its historic center perfectly, appreciated by city dwellers in search of serenity. With its 200 m² lagoon, Libourne is the place to be for lovers of games and the great outdoors. As it’s also a dynamic community, the need for goods transportation is always present: you can rely on our expertise to meet all your logistical requirements.

A carrier in Libourne with a personalized approach

Do you need to remove pallets of goods in the center of Libourne, near Place Abel Surchamp or Rue Michel Montaigne? Are you looking for a professional carrier to deliver to the shopping area around Avenue du Général de Gaulle? Contact Transports Goëvia, and we’ll be sure to have the right solution for you, and set it up as quickly as possible.

In fact, we offer standard freight services in Libourne and throughout France (1 to 6 pallet loads with Volupal, 7 to 15 pallet loads with Volulots, as well as full loads of up to 33 pallets). If required, we can also handle dangerous goods (ADR goods transport), refrigerated goods or roll and backsplash shipments.

With our own design office in Vayres on the outskirts of Bordeaux, we develop tailor-made measurement and analysis tools for all our customers. In this way, we can provide fully customized indicators to those who require them.

A well-established transport company in Gironde

Why choose Transports Goëvia to ship or deliver goods to Libourne? Our strong presence in the Gironde department enables us to respond efficiently to all requests, and to guarantee short lead times for our services.

We are based in Vayres, where our head office is located. But we also have storage facilities in the commune of Cestas in the south of Gironde, and in Tonnay-Charente in Charente-Maritime (17).

We don’t just operate on a departmental and regional scale, throughout the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. Thanks to our membership of Évolutrans, we are fully prepared to guarantee the same quality of service and speed of delivery throughout France. For example, with Volupal, batches of 1 to 6 pallets are delivered to the recipient within 24-48 hours anywhere in France. In Vayres, we provide Volupal with cross-docking storage space, thus contributing to the vitality of this network, which is satisfying an ever-growing number of customers in all sectors.

Choose a local carrier in Libourne, put your trust in a responsible and innovative transport company, entrust all your goods to be delivered to the Goëvia teams. Our customers have been calling on us and recommending us for over 20 years: it’s no coincidence!

Customer success

Technical deliveries for fragile goods: a challenge met

Our company will deliver plants and flowers from Vegesupply within 24 hours. Fragile and sensitive goods for which we have deployed a tailor-made strategy:

  • Fast, careful delivery
  • Optimized traction with links between platforms
  • Reduced carbon footprint
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