A young and innovative sales team: the new generation of freight transport

8 Nov, 2021

Focus on Goëvia’s sales department, which has grown significantly in recent years and now has a staff of ten. Customer relations, loyalty and satisfaction are indeed the pillars of Goëvia’s values but have also become a major strategic issue in the freight transport sector.

Through four interviews, we take a look at the different issues of the commercial division: the vision of their actions, how they see the evolution of the sector and the transport of tomorrow.

Enter a little more in the daily life of the Goëvia commercial pole and discover the different personalities of each one and the philosophy of all!

Customer satisfaction has become the major issue for the sales department

Antoine Gariteau, head of the Goëvia sales department, confirms this: “customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business strategy. Every week, we analyze our practices and implement corrective actions in order to continuously improve our palletized goods delivery service.“It has become a weekly appointment for the department and a reflex for everyone: how can we further improve the service delivered to our customers?

With this in mind, Goëvia integrated a design office into its teams 6 years ago. This is rare in the world of SMEs and perhaps even more so in the freight transport sector. As Antoine Gariteau explains, “we had anticipated the industrialization of the transport sector and the development of the Bordeaux agglomeration. We knew that our customers’ expectations and our service level would be raised to a new level. But for this, we needed reliable indicators and precise measurement tools“.

Guillaume Bocage took on this role in 2015. By observing the daily flows, the elements of tension and the points of improvement, Guillaume built, in collaboration with the teams, tools of measurement: filling rate, optimization of the flows of pallets, management of the goods… The design office carried out a huge data recovery and processing project in order to give Goëvia visibility on its shipping and pallet collection service.

This analysis then allowed us to change the way things worked, to create tools and to equip the teams in order to gain in productivity, efficiency and therefore in customer satisfaction.

A carrier that innovates and adapts its service to its customers

Innovation and creativity are not values that one spontaneously associates with the world of transport of goods. And yet, at Goëvia, these values have become pillars of the company’s strategy. The sales department listens to its customers, their expectations and their constraints. And to provide answers, nothing stops the sales department. “If the solution does not exist, we will invent it!“.

It is with this philosophy that our teams work to provide customized solutions. Manufacturing a single lighter and larger box to minimize travel and carbon impact in downtown Bordeaux or developing an online service to allow for more fluid orders and transport orders: these are examples of innovations developed by the Gironde-based company.

Goëvia Online, a digital offer to facilitate the life of companies

Goëvia is aware that the life of a company is not linear, it is made of unforeseen events, adaptations and last minute requests. So, to make life even easier for its customers, Goëvia transport has gone digital. The idea is to allow companies to order their goods transport easily in a few clicks 24/7. And for more confidence and fluidity, each customer can follow his shipments in real time, consult his order history and his invoices… Test it yourself and book your transportation online!

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