An environment and digitalization oriented ethic for your carrier in Dax

Ecological and human concerns, which are at the forefront of everyone’s minds these days, are guiding more and more companies in their choice of partnerships. So, when you’re looking for a professional carrier in Dax, you’ll generally want to select a service provider who respects your philosophy, and who you feel is committed on several important levels. In the heart of this Landes town known for its Arènes park and its ALAT and helicopter museum, simply choose a local, human and innovative SME: Transports Goëvia.

A carrier near Dax committed to respecting the environment

Goëvia, your transport company near Dax, can take care of goods on a main street such as Cours de Verdun, or on a more difficult-to-access street such as Rue des Carmes or Rue Cazade, famous for its restaurants.

In all cases, we come to your company with a fleet renewed every 5 years, ever greener and more respectful of nature. Today, all our engines are at least Euro 6, hybrid or compatible with 100% rapeseed oil fuel (B100 engines).

We also use fiberglass Solight boxes, which optimize vehicle loading while meeting the challenges of deliveries in downtown Dax and any other metropolis. These lightweight bodies are specifically designed to carry a heavy load without increasing the vehicle’s volume and overall dimensions.

We take many other initiatives to reduce pollution in the towns where we operate, from Dax to Pau, via Bordeaux, Mont-de-Marsan and La Rochelle. For example, we are a pioneering road haulage company in the field of pneumatic pressure testing devices – a fully automated process for us.

All our truck drivers in the Landes, Gironde and Charente / Charente-Maritime regions are trained and regularly made aware of the challenges and best practices of eco-driving. They follow our carefully thought-out transport plan to the letter, designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions right down to the last kilometer.

Innovation in Dax's TRM sector a top priority

Our commitment as a carrier close to the Landes and Dax is not limited to protecting the planet. Transports Goëvia also places innovation at the heart of its priorities. This is how we are accelerating our digitalization day by day, with solutions such as Goëvia Online for online transport reservations. On a daily basis, we also work with our design office, which facilitates the implementation of personalized project management for all our customers in Dax and beyond.
Choose a transport company that’s close to you, respectful of the planet and always striving to improve for you and your customers.


Transports Goëvia: a responsible SME in every respect

Download our free guide and find out more about our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy:

  • The well-being of our employees
  • A relationship of trust with our customers
  • Respect for the planet
  • Innovation for all
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