Career development: becoming a driver at any age!

8 Jun, 2022

As you know, all roads lead to Rome, but did you know that all roads also lead to the road? This month, we continue our tour of our employees’ backgrounds, experiences and life changes. We went to meet our drivers, the driving force of our profession, who have changed their careers to take to the road after a first professional life.

Truck driver: a job suffered or a job chosen?

They are all formal, our drivers interviewed to prepare this article, becoming a driver, taking the road, it was a choice, and even often a dream! But transforming your dream into reality is not always easy: it takes time, meetings and daring to venture into the unknown.

Some of our drivers started their careers in a completely different industry, they had never even been in a truck. But the call of the road was the strongest. Making a 180-degree turn to join the world of road transport, our employees tell us how and why they chose to change careers, to train, to pass their licenses to become truck drivers at Goëvia.

Driving a truck, a child’s dream come true

Their names are Gallien, Jérôme, Clément, Germain, Julien and they are all drivers at Goëvia. After a professional life in public works, mechanics, bakery, conveying or construction, the desire for change was felt …

We asked them why they chose to change their professional life to become a truck driver?

Their answers have one thing in common, the desire for change, freedom and the love of the road, of driving. For these new drivers, driving is a passion. Some of them had never been in a truck before, but they already knew that they like to go on the road and that they would like to meet new landscapes and new people.

Sometimes when the dream becomes reality, the awakening is harsh. But this is not the case for our employees, who have found a daily life that is completely consistent with their expectations.

“I like everything!” explains Jérôme, “The driving, the scenery towards the different destinations when it’s daytime, but at night it’s beautiful too! But I also like the handling part during deliveries, the relations with my colleagues and even the fact of managing unexpected events: our days are rarely monotonous!”

“This job is an adventure!” says Julien, a former tile setter. “I hate monotony, so this job is perfect! Besides, for me, truck driving is more of a passion than a job.

Like Germain, all of them would advise a retraining as a truck driver. “It’s a versatile job. There’s the road of course, but also exchanges with customers and the possibility of evolving by passing permits.”

“There are many different tasks, it’s a complete job that can fit everyone!” explains Clément who is a former baker / pastry chef

Even when we are still young in this business, we are happy to see our employees proud to represent this essential profession. Involved and motivated, our drivers are essential links in the local and national economy. When you pass them on the roads of Gironde and beyond, ask them, and why not, in turn, change your life to join our team!

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