Carrier fares: in a context of inflation, what are the levers to control costs?

16 Mar, 2022

Inflation affects all sectors: transporters in Bordeaux and other cities are no exception. Not only do we have to deal with the increase in the majority of professional expenses, but companies have to increase their employees’ salaries. The latter need a fair wage, even though they are also affected by the rise in consumer prices.

While it now seems imperative to increase transport fares to absorb these additional expenses, there are a number of levers that can be activated. Thanks to them, it is possible to improve logistics and optimize costs, all without penalizing the market players.

Why are carrier prices going up?

Soaring fuel costs

Each increase in fuel prices forces transporters in Bordeaux and elsewhere to adapt. They must ensure the profitability of their business in all contexts, including when their own expenses increase. Unquestionably, this inflation is one of the main causes of the increase in transportation costs.

Union negotiations to better protect carriers

The NAO, or mandatory annual negotiations, resulted in the signing of an agreement with the unions. In addition to raising the salary scales, we were able to increase the coverage of health costs for transporters in Gironde and other departments, and reduce their waiting period in the event of hospitalization. All these measures that allow professionals in the field to have superior protection and better living conditions obviously represent a cost.

Inflation is costing transport companies in New Aquitaine a lot of money: they have to deal with both rising wage scales and increasing expenses, especially for gasoline. In this context, there are nevertheless “win-win” choices, which make it possible to maintain the social and salary benefits of carriers and to control costs.

Digital to better manage transport costs: what solutions?

Save time on order taking and follow-up

Transport professionals have every interest in using intelligent solutions, specially designed to help them manage quotes, orders and invoices in a simple manner. With the Goevia Online transportation booking site, the entire customer relationship is simplified and secured. Goëvia saves a considerable amount of time (and at the same time saves you time) on order taking activities. This optimization also helps to reduce transportation costs.

Encourage direct negotiation between carrier and shipper

Inflationary pressures lead to significant increases in carrier prices, especially if there are many intermediaries and all are increasing their margins. That’s why at Goëvia you interact directly with your Bordeaux carrier. This allows you to limit your costs and focus on your core business. With Goëvia Online, it’s easy to order transportation online, at great rates.

Sharing transport, an ethical and economic approach

More and more shippers are reducing their transport costs through pooling. In concrete terms, the same carrier may have to transport goods for several customers during the same journey. This practice contributes to optimizing fill rates and costs, and even to limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

Carry out audits and improve strategic points

The use of an intelligent solution for the management of transport companies around Bordeaux also allows to better analyze its activity. In this sense, with data such as gasoline consumption, distances traveled empty, filling rates or even the duration of each trip, it is quite easy to identify the points to be improved for a better management (packaging, routes, organization, etc.).

Although price increases are real, they are not necessarily inevitable. The tools specially designed for transport professionals make it possible to optimize the various tasks, and to devote oneself fully to the profession. Their features encourage lower rates, without penalizing carriers or shippers. And this is what we do every day at Goëvia.

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