Choose a carrier in Pessac that respects customers, the environment and employees

At the heart of the Bordeaux metropolis, Pessac is one of the most dynamic towns in the area. With its Haut-Lévêque teaching hospital, its Rond-Point shopping mall and its Jean-Jaurès shopping avenue in the hypercentre, Pessac has many needs in terms of goods transportation. Need to load goods near Cité Frugès Le Corbusier? Shipping pallets just a stone’s throw from Fontaudin Park? Put your trust in Transports Goëvia, a Gironde-based SME that places great importance on the quality of its services, its relationships and the general well-being of all its employees.

CSR, a priority for the Bordeaux-based transport company

In the world of TRM (Transport Routier de Marchandises), Transports Goëvia stands out for its extremely strong CSR policy. Corporate Social Responsibility is broken down into several areas, all of which are treated with the same care:

  • For customers looking for a carrier in Pessac, we’re committed to providing the best possible experience. Priority is given to creating a genuine relationship of trust, based on listening and taking into account each individual’s specific needs.
  • The employees of the Bordeaux-based freight forwarder are committed to offering the best possible quality of life at work. This involves a large number of initiatives at all levels: ergonomic work equipment, prevention policies aimed at everyone, career development, etc.
  • As for the environment, Transports Goëvia innovates every day to reduce its carbon footprint. An ultra-modern fleet, eco-driving training for drivers and the choice of sustainable equipment are just some of the initiatives that contribute to this eco-responsible policy.

Transporting goods while protecting the planet

Today, the entire fleet of Transports Goëvia in Vayres near Bordeaux is certified Euro 6 (the latest standard for pollutant emissions), hybrid or Oleo100-compatible (100% rapeseed oil, renewable and produced entirely in France). By 2025, one in two Transports Goëvia vehicles will be powered by Oleo100 – this is already the case for around a quarter of the company’s fleet.

Transparency in your freight transport requirements

Our CSR policy includes a strong focus on customer satisfaction, and on providing a concrete response to every transport and logistics need in the Pessac area. We draw up clear and transparent transport price lists, communicate our diesel indexation rate every month, flash all goods for optimum traceability, etc. What’s more, every day we work with our design office to develop new initiatives and offer our customers tailor-made analysis tools that perfectly match their needs.


A few clicks to find out your diesel tax

Diesel tax applies by law to all road haulage operations. Use our free, 100% online tool to calculate yours:

  • Tax available in just a few clicks
  • Regularly updated tool
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