Diesel indexation in freight transport: what is it?

28 Nov, 2022

All carriers are closely monitoring fuel prices. Indeed, a fare increase, even a very small one, can have serious consequences on the finances of transport companies. Faced with this, a fuel indexing process has been put in place by the authorities. This is governed by the law of January 5, 2006. How does your carrier apply diesel indexation, and what rules protect the carrier and its customer?

The main objectives of fuel indexing in the transport sector

Indicated at the bottom of the invoice, the indexation of diesel fuel makes it possible to pass on variations in fuel costs to the price of goods transport services. Any carrier that uses this fuel indexation may automatically apply a revision of the transport price according to its diesel fuel expenses.

This indexation offers the possibility of revising (upwards or downwards) the price of each transport service, as soon as the basic fuel rates have changed (between the date of the contract and the actual date of the service).

All carriers are free to set up their own diesel indexation mechanism – but this does not prevent the customer from having the right to initiate negotiations. If they do not make this choice and do not anticipate changes in fuel prices, they can still pass on increases and decreases in diesel fuel prices on their final invoices, using the ” CNR mechanism ” (Comité National Routier).

The 4 main diesel indices in the TRM sector

Your carrier in Bordeaux or any other French city can use different types of diesel indexes to set up its fuel indexation:

  • The CNR professional diesel index takes into account the cost of fuel excluding taxes, the modes of supply and the partial refund of the TICPE.
  • The CNR diesel index, excluding VAT, takes into account supply methods, excluding partial reimbursement of the TICPE.
  • The monthly average pump diesel price takes into account the price of diesel at the pump excluding VAT (monthly average in euros per liter).
  • The CNR average tank diesel price takes into account the price of tank deliveries excluding VAT, in euros per liter (according to the CNR survey).

Goëvia Transport’s diesel indexation, in full transparency

Every month, the Bordeaux-based road transport company Goëvia informs its customers of the diesel tax rate that applies to its sales prices. This way, shippers can easily anticipate their expenses. To determine this rate, we rely on three authoritative inputs: the benchmark, the current index, and the fuel share.

In addition, we provide you with a diesel indexation calculator on our website. In order to access it, all you have to do is fill out a form with your contact information and you will receive an accurate and perfectly reliable calculator.

All Transports Goëvia services are subject to this fuel indexation, in compliance with articles L3222-1 and L-3222-2 of the Transport Code.

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