Don’t spoil Christmas 2022, choose the right transport solutions for your goods

17 Oct, 2022

After two successive eventful Christmases in 2020 and 2021, against the backdrop of a global pandemic and barrier gestures, everyone is looking forward to Christmas 2022, which should take place in a less precarious health context. In order to accompany everyone in their projects, our road transport company is developing a guaranteed goods transport offer: your gifts delivered under the tree on time or 100% reimbursed, from 1st to 31st December 2022. Whatever your delivery needs, give yourself the means to have a fully satisfying experience for both you and your customers.

Road transport around Christmas: a challenge for all

During the end of year celebrations, the tension is palpable in the TRM (Transport Routier de Marchandises) sector. Indeed, since this is a period of high consumption, needs increase, demand multiplies and carriers must organize themselves to respond as efficiently as possible.

Your transport company should never forget that if the oysters or wine are not delivered on the day, Christmas will be completely ruined! The issue remains the same for packages sold on e-commerce sites and everything else we buy and consume during the period.

At Transports Goëvia, Christmas 2022 will be the Christmas of all possibilities, with no concessions to the magic of a cleverly organised Christmas Eve. In order to anticipate this complicated and specific period, ask our teams about our delivery offers with guaranteed deadlines and 0 stress.

Behind our offer of goods transport, real means

If we are committed to offering you a guaranteed delivery without litigation or unforeseen events as soon as possible, it is because we have already anticipated everything upstream. For the holiday season, we have a particularly demanding transportation plan.

Through it, we ensure that Goëvia trucks are positioned around all the main production and consumption areas in France, including major cities such as Lyon, Paris, Bordeaux and Toulouse.

Throughout this key period, we do not hesitate to build additional direct lines, in order to guarantee a 24-hour delivery from Bordeaux to France, and from all cities in France to Bordeaux.

Every year, we advertise for trucking jobs at the end of the year: we are recruiting to meet the influx of orders. This very demanding system allows us to offer real guarantees to all our customers, both in terms of quality of service and speed of delivery.

Do you have specific needs for the holiday season? Contact your carrier now, it’s time to get everything ready! Choose a local carrier, close to you and able to understand all your problems… This is the secret to obtain efficient and reliable transport.

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