From tailgate to pallet truck: focus on handling accessories

Road haulage professionals (dock workers, drivers and other logisticians) use all kinds of handling accessories on a daily basis. These are designed to make work easier, faster, avoid damage to goods and protect employees from health problems (musculoskeletal disorders, work-related injuries). These accessories can be manual or motorized, as required. At Transports Goëvia, we make the most of motorized accessories to improve the comfort of our teams: for example, we have been using electric pallet trucks for some time now.

The main motorized handling accessories

The electric pallet truck

The electric pallet truck makes it easily move pallets with a weight of up to 1,500 kg, without any real physical effort. It reduces repetitive movements and the risks associated with handling heavy loads. Equipped with standard or long forks, it is easy to handle thanks to a relatively small turning angle. It generally travels at a maximum speed of 4 km/h.

This device makes it possible to work faster and with less risk on a larger volume of goods. It represents an investment at the time of purchase, with expenses and occasional maintenance tasks to be planned to avoid breakdowns.

The electric stacker

An electric stacker is used to stack pallets more easily: it can lift goods to a maximum height of 3,500 mm and can generally support a load of one tonne, with a maximum speed of 4 km/h. Like the electric pallet truck, it saves time and reduces the risk of workplace accidents. or occupational illness.

Some logistics professionals use other motorized accessories according to their needs, such as the mobile lift table. It can lift a palletized load of several hundred kilos.

Non-motorized / manual handling accessories

The devil

The hand truck is a widespread tool, used not only in logistics, but also in many other fields – including by private individuals. This accessory lightweight yet robust can generally support a load of a few hundred kilos, up to 200 kg. It’s all-purpose and perfect for transporting parcels, provided you take the necessary precautions (the risks of falling or mishandling exist with a hand truck).

The handling truck

For bulk storage, a forklift truck can also be used to transport goods quickly and efficientlyeven for small parts. There are carts of this type fitted with a scale, particularly useful in certain industries such as food processing. Other models, such as mast trucks, can handle pallet racks.


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