How do our account managers work to meet all transportation needs?

16 Sep, 2022

At our freight forwarding company in Gironde, each employee has a defined role in making our model work, improving it and meeting customer objectives. On the account manager side, we are fortunate to have a team of transverse profilesThis makes our account managers ideal contacts, always available, attentive to needs, capable of gathering requirements and providing concrete answers!

A team trained to enhance our transportation business

The vision of the job of account manager within the Bordeaux transport company Goëvia offers a real added value to the company. Indeed, we choose to employ a complete team around this mission, which is not necessarily the case in SMEs of a similar scale.

Better yet, our team of freight account executives is built methodically. Each has a specific role (managing key accounts, communicating with local customers, etc.) and has his or her own customer portfolio. Thanks to this organization, our clients benefit from a privileged relationship with their contact person, who knows them and knows how to understand their problems.

In this video, discover the daily life of Erwan, one of our account managers:

Considerable flexibility for all transportation needs

Our account managers are in constant contact with the clients they work for and establish regular reports. The objective here is to communicate as much information as possible to customers, to ensure the construction of a good relationship between the carrier and its customer.

A customer can contact his usual account manager and tell him about his requirements (pick-up at a specific time, need to use this or that equipment, etc.). His interlocutor will then think about everything that can be put in place to meet the objectives formulated, and accompany him as best as possible in the management of his activity in terms of transport.

A service at the heart of our carrier organization

An effective account manager division in any freight company must work hand in hand with the other departments. Only in this way can the carrier deliver on its promises and build a fully satisfying customer experience.

In constant contact with the operations department, which manages all the technical elements related to the transport plan, our team of account managers collects the needs, before engaging in dialogue with this department to agree on what can be put in place.

In addition, our account managers regularly exchange information with our design office. Every day, the latter develops new tools to facilitate the management of our goods transport, improve productivity and limit the difficulty of certain tasks. When an account manager identifies a specific need (parameterization of reports, invoicing systems), he or she turns directly to the research department to present the problem and to think about the most effective solutions in each particular case.

The position of Account Manager at Goëvia occupies a strategic place in the entire organization chart. Thanks to the importance we give to this customer management, our customers renew their trust and show their satisfaction and commitment to our services on a daily basis.

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