How is our trucking company committed to its teams?

25 Jul, 2022

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concerns more and more structures, at a time when environmental and societal issues dominate our daily lives. Attached to the well-being of its teams since its creation more than 20 years ago, our freight transport company develops its own CSR policy on several axes. Among the various themes that guide us, the human vision of recruitment and team management occupy a strategic place: we explain how they forge our identity.

Recruiting talent in freight transport, but also giving everyone a chance

Searching for talent is part of our daily work at Goëvia. For the transport of goods, but also for the management of logistics warehouses and teams, we are committed to recruiting profiles from all walks of life.

In concrete terms, this means that we do not only employ school leavers, fresh graduates or profiles already well experienced in their field. On the contrary, we do not hesitate to offer a new chance to all motivated subjects we meet.

For all new employees, we provide a customized integration program. It is customized according to the specific needs of each profile and each position. Finally, we never neglect the importance of individual interviews, which we organize on a regular basis. Thanks to this policy, we are able to understand the desires of our road transport employees and, above all, to find appropriate responses.

Offer good prospects for career development in the transport sector

It is not enough to adapt your recruitment methods when you aspire to be a responsible carrier. Our human resources management policy must be applied in its entirety to our CSR objectives.

We strive to facilitate the development of all employees, whether they are dock workers, truck drivers or logisticians. When they express the wish to improve their skills, we look for the necessary means and we organize the required training if necessary. Among our CSR success stories is our former dock agent turned operations manager!

At the same time, we manage a young executives’ incubator and we encourage them in their own evolution. They are regularly assigned to various themes in order to enrich their knowledge and further improve their career prospects.

An optimal salary environment in all transport professions

Regardless of the position they hold within the Goëvia road transport company, each employee benefits from an optimal work environment, specifically designed to limit the difficulty of working and improve their quality of life.

We invest in high quality equipment: electric pallet trucks to reduce handling efforts, latest generation software to facilitate tasks, ergonomic office equipment, etc. At the same time, we have chosen to install accessories to increase acoustic comfort in the offices (floor and ceiling), while offering each driver a safe and pleasant driving environment.

CSR at Goëvia does not only mean taking care of our recruitment and the working conditions of our employees: we also take several initiatives for the environment, innovation and for a more transparent collaboration with all our interlocutors.

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