How to ensure the excellent traceability of our transports?

26 Sep, 2022

Freight transport professionals know that : those who use their services need quality service, otherwise they risk undermining their own customer promise. Indeed, a transport that does not take place in good conditions cannot preserve all parties. It has important repercussions on the brand image… and potentially impacts customer satisfaction. At Transports Goëvia, we are aware of the importance of this issue. We have focused all of our processes and many tools on traceability, so that all parties can be reassured of the geographic location and compliance status of each commodity at all times.

The unbreakable link between freight quality and customer promise

When a professional calls upon a company like Transports Goëvia for his shipment, he expects a quality service, in order to satisfy his interlocutors and to better develop his customer loyalty.

Our road transport company in Gironde makes it a point of honor to innovate and adopt a modern approach to logistics management. All our processes are fully computerized: the data is sent back in real time, in an automated way, without any risk of human error linked to data entry.

We have made a rather unusual choice for a local freight transport SME: our structure has its own design office. It develops customized solutions to meet all customer needs, automate a maximum number of processes and provide each customer with the information they need.

At Transports Goëvia, traceability is an issue that concerns all departments. On the transport side, smartphones and business applications ensure that all information flows quickly and continuously. At the same time, this traceability work also involves the employees on the cross-docking who record each pallet transfer.

Our solutions and tools for a better traceability in the TRM

All our drivers are equipped with their smartphones to scan the waybills, take pictures and ensure the best possible traceability. We also use the latest generation of PDAs to scan merchandise at each stage of the supply chain and automate tracking… All this equipment is regularly renewed (every 2-3 years), when we hand over the old models to reconditioning specialists.

At each break in the load and transfer of responsibility, we strive to provide complete and qualitative information. Thus, we systematically identify the stage at which the merchandise is located in the supply chain and its status (compliant or non-compliant).

In this work, we respect to the letter the INOVERT standard, which is known and used all over the world, understandable by all the actors and all the interlocutors (use of the acronyms “PCH” for taken in charge, “EXP” for shipped, “LIV” for delivered).

Thanks to our operating mode based on the flow of information and communication between all teams, we manage to achieve a 96% rate of on-time deliveries without a single hitch

If you order your freight transport with Goëvia Online, you naturally benefit from this clear, efficient and transparent operation. You book your service in a few clicks, and we take care of your pallets for delivery within 48 hours. You will be notified promptly in case of unforeseen events, and you will also receive a notification to confirm the delivery of your goods. Do as our customers do, try the experience: you will undoubtedly repeat it.

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