How to optimize the transport of your plants and flowers?

16 May, 2021

Flowers and plants are fragile by nature, so they must be treated with care. There are also companies specialized in the transport and logistics of flowers and plants. As a delicate commodity, plants and flowers require special treatment, from storage to transportation.

Transport of refrigerated flowers and plants

For all florists or horticulturists wishing to send cut or potted flowers, there are transporters in Bordeaux and throughout France offering their refrigerated transport services. The goal is to distribute all the flower shipments in full trucks on the French territory. These professionals organize and transport your outdoor flowers and plants in an optimal way.

With a strong experience in the field of refrigerated transport, they offer their service with a great knowledge of all the characteristics of the transport of delicate and perishable goods. This includes road transport under controlled temperatures with a double crew if necessary and a double temperature if the plants are not from the same environment. All your cargoes are handled by professionals in road and sea transport offering services on an international scale. These carriers inform you in real time of the status of your transport.

The main challenges of flower and plant logistics

The main challenge in flower and plant logistics is the large number of goods and their different characteristics. Especially since demand is prone to very large seasonal variations. Not to mention the pressure of deadlines and general speed in fresh logistics. Fortunately, transport providers offer punctual solutions with a short delivery time. In order to comply with the quality requirements, a drastic control of the entry and exit of the goods is necessary. There are freight transport providers such as Transports Goevia that offer optimal services for this purpose. The latter offer state-of-the-art storage, processing and transport logistics, which are especially adapted to the respective needs of flowers and plants. They represent a single point of contact for all flower expertise and cover all import logistics.

How to order a punctual transport of goods online?

Often, we want to book a transport quickly without the intermediary of a salesman or without passing by the premises of the carrier and waiting for the opening hours of the office. There are online platforms for booking punctual transportation such as Goevia Online. This type of platform is fast, efficient and easy to use. Digital solutions offer you the possibility to easily fill out a form with certain information such as :
– the city of departure,
– the city of arrival,
– type of goods, etc.

In just a few clicks, you will receive a personalized rate for a customized transport of your flowers and plants. This solution will also allow you to follow the progress of your delivery online in real time. Freight companies are constantly faced with the problem of being denied an account with certain carriers because of a large enough quantity of goods. However, companies in Bordeaux such as Goevia have teams that listen to the punctual transportation needs of florists in their regions. Thanks to their design office and online booking platform, these companies make it easy for florists and horticulturists to order their first shipment of goods.

Storage, handling and transportation of outdoor flowers and plants

It is clear that flowers are delicate and fragile and require careful handling. For their transport, the carriers do not need special packaging. A rigid cardboard box is usually sufficient to protect the goods from extreme temperature variations and drafts. Depending on the needs of the cut flower or potted plant, some use a reusable packing case. And in winter, a special protection against the cold. They pay particular attention to:
– the cold chain,
– temperature,
– moisture,
– the light intensity.

Roses and tulips are some of the best-selling flowers, but of course they change according to the regions of the country and the seasons. In addition to roses and tulips, there are also garnished bouquets. The best-selling houseplant is the “Phalaenopsis” orchid because of its ease of transport and longevity.

Transport of flowers and cut or potted plants in Bordeaux

Plants are living beings that can easily sprain if handled incorrectly. Also, they should not be stored for any longer in an enclosed space. The choice of the means of transport depends on the quantity of plants or flowers, the type of plant and the distance to be covered.

If you are a florist or horticulturist and you need transportation for an entire shipment of plants, the solution is to call on professional plant and flower transporters. Knowing the business, they are careful about handling, storage and transport. They use refrigerated trucks and make sure to respect the temperature to keep your goods fresh. If you are in Bordeaux, you can use Bordeaux express carriers such as Goevia. The latter intervenes at the regional, national and international level to deliver your plants and flowers as quickly as possible. Moreover, it ensures the transport of all types of plants such as nurseries, thorny plants, flowers, etc.

The transport companies in Bordeaux and elsewhere in France have teams that listen to your needs. They are experienced in transporting, storing and processing specific products such as flowers and outdoor plants, and in respecting the optimal transport conditions according to the specificities of each plant.

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