Increase in toll prices: what impact on my transportation?

31 Jan, 2023

As of February 1, 2023, toll rates will increase again. The increase, which impacts all road users, hits transporters hard. Indeed, it is estimated at +4.74% for cars and +5.06% for trucks. Obviously, this price increase is the result of the inflationary context that has been penalizing our economy for several months now. At Transports Goëvia, we have already put in place a maximum of good practices to limit the impact of fuel increases on the rates offered to our customers. Faced with these soaring costs, this time on the highways, your freight carrier is taking the same attitude. We tell you how we are working every day to mitigate the effects of these rate increases on our business and our trucking rate schedule.

How does your carrier contain this increase in spending?

All transporters in Gironde and other French departments are concerned by the increase in the price of oil and freeways… Since these are their main daily expenses!

At Goëvia, we are already multiplying initiatives to reduce our fuel consumption, which allows us to better face inflation (investment in alternative energies such as Oleo100, hybrid engines in town, automatic detection of tire pressure to reduce consumption, eco-driving, etc.).

When inflation impacts highway prices, we deploy all our know-how in order tooptimize each itinerary with a view to efficiency and the best quality/price ratio for our customers. In our teams, the operation uses software developed in-house, specifically designed to optimize each trip according to a multitude of criteria.

Thus, we mobilize the “tolls” resource only when it is necessary. Because even if it is now part of our habits as consumers and individuals, the highway is not necessarily the best option for a carrier.

Generally, the journey is shorter by the national roads, more numerous and more direct. Sometimes we have to use the highway and pay the tolls. But very often, the secondary roads offer us significant advantages: reduction of the number of kilometers traveled, time and fuel savings, smoother traffic. We do not deprive ourselves of this, especially when it allows us to reduce toll expenses for the benefit of our customers!

Despite price increases, the same transparency at Transports Goëvia

Regardless of the current economic context, we are committed to maintaining a true relationship of trust with all our clients. They know it, their specialist carrier in New Aquitaine is transparent about its rates, and makes every effort to be as fair as possible.

Every month, we inform all our customers of the diesel tax rate, which varies according to market rates. With our diesel indexation calculator, a few clicks are enough to benefit from a total visibility on your expenses related to this part of the transport bill.

Members of the Evolutrans network, we take care of all your pallet and length transport needs near Bordeaux, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and everywhere else in France. These goods are delivered in 24-48 hours throughout France, thanks to a large network of partners organized around a dozen logistics platforms throughout France.

We strictly adhere to the Volupal specifications for Evolutrans pallet transports. In addition to the specific requirements for the processing of goods and delivery times, we rely on the tariff Volupal and its offers (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL) perfectly legible for customers.

Finally, when you use our online transport reservation application Goëvia Online, you generate your transport quote in a few clicks. This one is proposed to you according to the characteristics entered beforehand, relating to the weight, the dimensions of the goods and the parameters of your sending (sender, recipient, constraints with the loading or unloading, etc). The price you are given is clear, transparent and above all definitive. You can pay for your transportation service when you book, in a totally secure way… You don’t have to fear any bad surprise when you receive the invoice, and this is a real strong point in terms of visibility, trust and transparency!

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