Management of tourist periods on the Atlantic coast as a carrier

8 May, 2023

Whether in the Gironde or Charente-Maritime departments, each year we live to the rhythm of the seasons, with greater activity in summer. Around seaside areas such as Cap Ferret, the Arcachon Basin, the Dune du Pilat or La Rochelle, the Ile de Ré or the Ile d’Oléron, demand increases significantly between May-June and September, driven by the arrival of tourists from France and elsewhere. Managing a large south-western quarter of Volupal and Volulots deliveries via our cross-docking platform in Vayres, we place the Gironde and Charente-Maritime departments at the heart of our transport plan, and we adapt tochanging demands in summer. Today, we are already prepared for the challenges of the summer of 2023, and we explain how – and help you prepare for this summer as a shipper as well.

How should you organize your cargo this summer?

In summer, at Transports Goëvia, the vacations of the various employees are managed in such a way as to cope with this seasonality which affects the transport and logistics professions. In this leave management, we rely on more than 20 years of experience in this region that we know by heart!

For example, all drivers for whom we fund new licenses each year have those licenses validated before the summer. Thus, we ensure that we have additional staff over the period These staff are trained, operational and ready to handle the increase in volumes, which is close to 30%.

In parallel, we systematically put in place an administrative reinforcement during the summer. This is based in particular on our pool of work-study students in all departments… students who are free of their school commitments and fully dedicated to their mission at Transports Goëvia!

Two additional people also accompany our teams on the docks, to manage the loading, unloading, storage and preparation of shipments as smoothly as possible. Finally, each year we try to wait until the end of the summer to renew our equipment. Thus, we keep a surplus of material over the summer period, used to face without difficulty the surplus of requests.

The adaptability of our transportation plan, key to success in delivering on time in the summer

Transports Goëvia operates with several agencies: in addition to the parent company in Vayres, we have a branch in Cestas and another in Tonnay-Charente. Between these three strategic sites, we enjoy a salutary flexibility: in summer, for example, we do not hesitate to mobilize fewer people in Vayres and more in Cestas, knowing that this agency is assigned to the coast. From May to October, we mobilize more drivers in Cestas than in Vayres.

This flexibility is not only a question of personnel management. During the school vacations, the rounds must stop at 7 am on 5 Saturdays. In order to manage this constraint, our transport plan is designed so that each driver finishes his round at 7 am. In order to make this possible, despite any unforeseen events and the hazards of the road, we rely on a team present day and night in the operations department, which manages and monitors the routes. Steven Rozio, our night dispatcher, plays a strategic role: he manages unforeseen events in an optimal way, to avoid delays and to anticipate the difficulties of our employees as much as possible.

Transport your goods this summer, choose Transports Goëvia

Do you need to hire a road freight carrier around New Aquitaine this summer? Trust the expertise, the reactivity and the adaptability of Transports Goëvia. During this period, which is more complicated than the others, we encourage our customers to anticipate as much as possible, to take into account the road time which is always incompressible.

We are committed to honesty, clarity and transparency in all our pricing for this and all other key periods. We also demonstrate a valuable time flexibility in loading and unloading to respect all legal constraints and ensure the best possible quality of service. Anticipate, adapt your transportation plan and manage the unexpected: we know the priorities for managing your transportation this summer. Yours will simply be to anticipate as much as possible and to communicate regularly with your carrier, for successful deliveries, always on time and without unexpected events!

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