No unpleasant surprises if you choose Goëvia as your carrier in Hamburg

Located on the banks of Lake Alster in Hamburg, Altstadt is one of the city’s most emblematic districts: it’s the historic heart of the city that tourists come to visit first and foremost. Partygoers, meanwhile, favor St Pauli, the party district with its own “thirsty street” (like the famous Rue Saint-Michel in Rennes, France!). Economically speaking, Hamburg is Germany’s second-largest business location, just behind Frankfurt in terms of banks. It’s also Germany’s third-largest insurance market, and home to one of the largest production sites of aircraft manufacturer Airbus. With such a dynamic economy, do you need a professional carrier to Hamburg? Discover the advantages offered by Transports Goëvia.

Business expertise that changes your transport to Hamburg

At Transports Goëvia, all our drivers undergo regular training and awareness-raising sessions. They are aware of all our customers’ constraints and requirements, so that we can offer them the best transport and logistics service in Germany and beyond.

Our employees receive regular training to keep them abreast of developments in their profession, and to help them step by step improve their skills in terms of service quality, traceability, handling and much more.

In addition to the socially responsible approach of your carrier to Hamburg, the commitment of every employee at every stage of the logistics chain is a real asset for all professionals looking for expert, reliable transport services.

Complementary transport and logistics skills to serve you better

At Transports Goëvia, we have a QSE department that works on a daily basis to improve our processes and working methods, always with a view to enhancing customer satisfaction. For example, we offer all our employees regular training in the transport of dangerous goods, handling, gestures and postures, eco-driving, quality and knowledge of each customer’s specifications.

We know how important your international transport needs to Hamburg are. Here, one of Germany’s biggest ports in terms of foreign trade and transit generates a great deal of activity, as do the many businesses located in the city’s various districts. Rely on a first-class partner for your goods!

Customer success

Technical deliveries for fragile goods: a challenge met

Our company will deliver plants and flowers from Vegesupply within 24 hours. Fragile and sensitive goods for which we have deployed a tailor-made strategy:

  • Fast, careful delivery
  • Optimized traction with links between platforms
  • Reduced carbon footprint
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