Retraining in the road transport sector

22 Feb, 2022

The health crisis has shifted career perspectives, life goals, but also the recognition of hitherto disparaged sectors of activity and unrecognized or devalued professions.

In 2020, the freight transport sector was particularly in the spotlight, with the general public recognizing its “essential” status. Behind the scenes, the players in the transport sector have continued to work for two years to keep the real economy afloat. It’s time to revisit your preconceived notions about our industry, the jobs and the people that make up the trucking world.

All roads lead to transportation!

We wanted to highlight the extraordinary careers and original paths that make up the richness and strength of our teams. In the freight transport industry, and more specifically at Goëvia, there is a place for all candidate profiles, for all career paths, even the most original ones. Here is a small overview of our employees’ careers.

Bruno Brillant. Bruno is the longest serving employee in the company. It was in our Charente-Maritime branch even before the founders arrived! Indeed, he arrived as an accountant in a small transport company in Charente. After training in classical accounting and working in various sectors, Bruno arrived by chance in the transport sector. When the founders of Goëvia bought the structure in which Bruno worked as an accountant, his qualities and professionalism were quickly spotted.

Quickly, beyond his position of accountant, the new managers notice his mastery and his implication. It was at this point that Bruno’s career took a turn. He was transferred to the operations department in order to learn more about the workings of the transport business in the hope of becoming a branch manager. A few years later, Bruno became the head of our Tonnay-Charente branch and now manages 40 people!

Davy Chaddi. Davy is a sports coach. But the health crisis has passed by and has greatly reduced the possibilities for sports professionals. Davy came to our site in the Bordeaux area with the idea of finding a food job while waiting for the end of the crisis. But this troubleshooting situation turned into a great story! Davy discovered the job of a dock agent as well as the transportation industry and loved it! His physical qualities, but also his sense of teamwork and commitment make him a great collaborator: it is impossible for Goëvia to let him go, which is good news as he also wants to stay with us.

Marianne Gonzalez. When Marianne started her studies after the BAC, she never imagined for a second that she would be working in the transport sector. He studied at the University of Bordeaux and then at the Normandy School of Management in Le Havre. In her different experiences, she had the opportunity to work in Press Relations at Publicis, or in the customer relations department of Galeries Lafayette. Finally, she completed an MBA in Rio de Janeiro in management.

Marianne was therefore far from the transport sector and had, like many, preconceived ideas. She came to Goëvia with images in her head: a male environment, the “world of trucks”, a very standard imagination that turned out to be totally outdated once she was on the job and in the field. After almost 10 years at the heart of our teams, Marianne continues her ascent. She is responsible for Customer Relations and After Sales Service.

Bérangère Jamin. Bérangère began her career as a sales consultant in the ready-to-wear industry and then moved on to become a store manager. Her commercial sense was a major asset for Goëvia, Bérangère accepted to try the transport sector, a trial that has now lasted for several years! She is a key account operations assistant.

Erwan Le Sauze. Another atypical journey! Erwan was originally trained as a pastry chef. In his pastry sector, he quickly evolved towards a commercial part to become the store manager “Chez Paul”. Here again, his relational and commercial qualities make the difference within the Goëvia sales team.

Maxime Loquey. Maxime was trained in the hotel business. At the reception, as a manager, in sales and in events. Thanks to this experience, he accumulates skills in languages and business. When Maxime wanted to change his life, he wanted to keep the adrenaline, the team spirit and of course the international dimension in his daily life. It’s a match! The transport sector was made for him, even if he had absolutely no idea… Maxime joined the operations department before becoming a key accounts operations assistant and the road is not finished!

Here is a small glimpse of the richness of the backgrounds that make up our teams.

We are proud of this diversity of experience and skills, which has contributed to the success of our company, which was initially a family business and is now a small road transport company with an industrial dimension.

Like our founder Joël Gonzalez, who started his professional life in Gironde as an educator, we see the transport sector and more specifically Goëvia as an open structure, made up of varied and complementary professions, skills and profiles.

Next time, we’ll tell you about other atypical and unique backgrounds that make up our ranks, such as Aymeric, educator, then Bar Manager before a career in supermarket distribution, and Vincent, an engineer with a passion for photos and videos, who form a duo at the head of the entire platform team, or Fabien, manager at MacDonald’s, Brice, manager at FNAC, now head of the quay, Natacha, employee of a Tobacco Office, François, sales representative, Sébastien, soldier, Hugo, rugby player in his wildest dreams…

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