Return on our first participation in the Bordeaux Nuggets Rally

13 Apr, 2022

What is the Bordeaux Nuggets Rally?

The Rallye des Pépites is a fun and civic-minded treasure hunt whose objective is to discover the economic potential of the territories and highlight local nuggets. For the 2022 edition, the event stopped in Bordeaux with a theme: to promote the work of gender diversity and professional equality of the companies in the area.

This was all it took to mobilize the Goëvia teams, who never miss an opportunity to raise awareness about the reality of the transport sector and to remind us of the role of women at all levels of our company and in all areas.

We therefore applied to be a stopover company and to host crews of recruiters, job seekers and employees throughout the day. Our objective is to try to dispel preconceived ideas about our sector of activity, about the professions and about the people who make up the world of road transport.

On April 2, 2022, the Goëvia team dedicated to the event is on deck

At dawn, the whole team ” rallye des pépites GOEVIA ” meets on the site of Cestas for the setting up of the day. Despite the freezing cold, the energy of the team is there and warms everyone up very quickly!

09:45 : The first crews are arriving, finally! The whole Goëvia team was eager to welcome them…

A small coffee reception to start smoothly and introduce our company.

And let’s go for the action! We get off to an easy start with “right weight”: after 30 seconds of analyzing a pallet, the teams start estimating the weight of the pallet. The first team to find the right weight of the pallet wins a bonus point!

We continue with a traditional “who is this?”

The objective is to awaken people’s minds to the plurality of professions in the transport sector and to avoid conforming to clichés. Photos and job descriptions hid many traps, not easy for the teams to discover that: Camille is a driver, Brice is a dock manager, Channelle is a manager QSEThe young Guillaume at the head of the design office or who hides in the positions of salesman, mechanic or accountant?

The 3rd workshop, not the least, let the crews challenge themselves on the agility of handling an electric pallet truck on the platform.

After putting on safety shoes, we don’t joke with safety, the crews had to move a pallet, decorated with a balloon to spice up the event, to go around a stud, without ever dropping the balloon! A not so easy mission … but within everyone’s reach!

Finally, just before leaving, the crews had the opportunity to take a ride in a truck thanks to Pascal, our driver present that day! A first for many of the crews and a childhood dream for some.

A big thank you to all!

During the whole day, we welcomed 30 crews, i.e. 120 people! Congratulations to the Team Goëvia Rallye des Pépites for their energy and their smiles from the beginning to the end: Sara, Manon, Camille, Pascal, Quentin, Guillaume, Hugo, Mélanie, Channelle and Benjamin. The good mood and enthusiasm were present throughout the day and meeting the crews was a pleasure.

As we hoped, the Nugget Rally was a very enriching moment of discovery and sharing for everyone.

We are proud to have been able to showcase our professions, the richness of our sector of activity, road transport, and to demonstrate that this sector is becoming more feminine!

A great adventure for our in-house teams who worked for several days to welcome the crews as it should be and make them discover our transport sector. What a joy to see them proudly defending our action on a daily basis!

And you, are you ready to drop your preconceived ideas about transportation ?

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