Road transport jobs: what is a dock agent?

In a logistics warehouse, the dock supervisor is responsible for a number of tasks, from receiving goods and preparing orders, to managing the storage of pallets and other packages. Working on both transport and logistics issues, he plays a key role in the supply chain. The employees who take on these missions sometimes have a job with a different name: warehouse agent, logistics agent, stock manager, forklift operator, storekeeper or order picker. Indeed, from one transport company to the next, the organization is not always identical – and neither is the division of tasks!

Road transport: the role of the dock agent

Every day, the dock agent working for a transport and logistics company unloads incoming flows, stores goods and dispatches them. They use non-motorized equipment such as hand trucks, as well as motorized accessories such as forklifts, stackers and electric pallet trucks.

When prepares order shipmentsthe dock agent checks the merchandise (quality and quantity checks) and supervises and supervises packaging. It also organizes inventory with a view to performance, profitability and optimization of available storage space.

The role of a dock agent

Other tasks are part of a dockworker’s or logistics agent’s routine: maintaining his or her workspace, ensuring compliance with health and safety standards at his or her level, checking machines and software. At the same time, he is in charge of the monitoring of stock levels and replenishments when necessary.

As they gain experience, dockworkers can take on more managerial functions, and even play a role in negotiations with supply chain contacts (customers, suppliers).

The qualities of a dock agent for a carrier

When recruiting dockworkers, transport and logistics companies are primarily looking for methodical and meticulous profiles. The logistics agent must be able to organize his or her warehousing site correctly and in compliance with all regulations, following to the letter safety constraints and recommendations in terms of profitability and productivity. Mastery of inventory techniques or the ability to supervise goods handling, for example, are real pluses!

Dock agents are often confronted with a relatively noisy environment. What’s more, they have to carry heavy loads and often have to accept shifting working hours. For example, transport companies prefer people who are not only physically fit, but also – and above all – genuinely motivated.

In certain situations, we are looking for dock agents with HGV driving licence This allows them to easily dock vehicles. To do this, they need to have a CACES (Certificat d’Aptitude à la Conduite en Sécurité) and/or a C driving license.

How do I get to be a dock or warehouse agent?

To become a logistics agent in a road haulage company, certain qualifications can help: a CAP or BEP in warehousing, logistics or distribution, for example.

Of course, responsible companies like Transports Goëvia also offer in-house training, combined with an inclusive recruitment policy based on tailor-made support. For us, it’s important to give all profiles a chance, even the most atypical ones.

The career paths for dock workers are possible. It can later become dock supervisor or even team leaderespecially if they demonstrate their ability to manage and cooperate with other employees.


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