Seasonal peaks in freight transport: anticipate your deliveries!

18 May, 2022

Carriers in France and abroad are all confronted with seasonality. Thus, the summer is one of the most complicated periods to manage. Not only is your carrier in New England or France facing an increase in demand, but they are also dealing with a reduced workforce during the vacations. In order to better manage this tense period, several initiatives deserve to be considered.

Why is there such a seasonal tension among the transporters in France?

From March until the end of the summer, the entire supply chain is under pressure. There are several reasons why shipping pallets or arranging for 48-hour transport can be more difficult at this time:

  • Increased demand in the building and public works sector (BTP), as many tasks cannot be performed in winter.
  • Increase in consumption related to vacations and leisure.
  • Organization disrupted by bridges, public holidays, vacations and weekends subject to a traffic ban (5 weekends concerned each summer).

Carrier rates are likely to increase in this context, and this tension may have other impacts at several levels. Use Goëvia Online now, to book your transportation online, anticipate seasonal peaks and control all your expenses.

What does this mean for customers looking for a carrier?

When flows increase and there is not enough manpower to meet all the demands, negotiations automatically become more complex. In addition, even if customers are able to find a transport company within their budget, they may be faced with the lack of availability of carriers in France and elsewhere.

Beyond the palpable tension in their search for a carrier, professionals sometimes experience disruptions in their entire supply chain. They also observe delays in delivery, sometimes even a drop in quality, and broken promises that can have a serious impact on sales.

Anticipate each period now with your transport company

Worried about your carrier’s rate going up this summer? Are you afraid of being faced with the unavailability of transport companies? Anticipate now by calling on a transporter in New Aquitaine who knows his job, and who can offer you to book your transport online. Whether it’s ordering the shipment of pallets or tracking a shipment in real time, each operation is easily accessible with a few clicks.

Working with Goëvia as a transport company means trusting a company that has its own fleet of vehicles and works with you without intermediaries. We give priority to direct customers, which makes it easy to book your transport online on Goëvia Online, and above all to save time and money. Even during the covid-19 epidemic, our teams ensured all their deliveries without delay: whatever the context, they will remain at your disposal for regular road transport and even punctual transport within 24 to 48 hours.

We deliver in 24/48 hours everywhere in France, and we explain you how we keep this commitment:

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