Stop the rise in carrier prices in summer in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Les prix transporteur en Nouvelle-Aquitaine augmentent souvent entre juin et août.
11 Jul, 2023

Yes to a summer without carrier price hikes in Nouvelle-Aquitaine!

Transport in New Aquitaine is often disrupted during the summer months. Delivery times are longer, and what’s worse, prices are going up! However, your goods must be shipped under the same conditions so as not to compromise the relationship of trust you have established with your customers. Faced with this situation, you have two solutions: prevent these constraints or simply choose a carrier who anticipates and absorbs them for you. Goëvia chooses not to pass them on to its customers. But why is summer such a complicated time for carriers, and how do they get through it? Explanations.

Why do carrier prices change in summer in Nouvelle-Aquitaine?

Between June and August, carrier prices rose significantly in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. This increase, known asthe “seasonal tax“, also extends to the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. Note that this is often not visible on the transport estimate! It is usually shown on the invoice and can vary between 10% and 20%.

Two main factors explain this summer overload:

  • The influx of tourists: in summer, the population of the regions concerned increases with the arrival of holidaymakers. By 2022, New Aquitaine would be France’s leading tourist region, with 46 million overnight stays. As the number of people and consumption increases in this area in summer, road hauliers pass on the rise in demand in their prices, and you pay the price.
  • Delivery difficulties: transport companies have fewer staff available during the summer vacations, so it may unfortunately be more difficult for them to meet your request. Added to this are public holidays (Assumption Day, Bastille Day, etc.) and traffic bans on certain weekends, which complicate deliveries and can cause delays.

Goëvia acts for transport without price increases or quality reductions in summer

You’ve guessed it: for any transport company, summer is a sensitive time! At Goëvia, as a carrier in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, we are proud of our territory and are delighted to welcome tourists to our region, but we don’t want this to be passed on to our customers. Our teams are committed to maintaining the same quality of service throughout the summer, without raising our rates!

To achieve this, we focus first and foremost on satisfying our customers’ requirements. To ensure on-time delivery during this key period, we invest in driver training. We are also leasing additional vehicles, over and above our usual fleet, to cope with the increase in transport demand.

Also, our online transport booking solution Goëvia Online gives you price transparency. Ordering transport online with our solution gives you maximum visibility on the price of your shipment in summer. In just a few clicks, you’ll receive a clear and definitive online transport quote. No nasty surprises, the price on the estimate is the same as on the invoice.

Another tip when hiring a transporter in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region: look ahead to summer! Whenever possible, we advise you to book several weeks or months in advance to ensure that the company meets your request under the usual conditions.

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