The added value of our logistics services

9 May, 2023

At Transports Goëvia, logistics is a historical service: we have been offering it to our customers since the beginning, with the first generation led by Joël and Eve Gonzalez. Over the years, these services have evolved in order to adapt to the needs and issues of different clients. From 2023, we are embarking on the project of expanding and optimizing our logistics offer, deploying new square meters of storage space and suggesting a wide range of services with high added value to satisfy our customers.

Integrated logistics, a historical service of Transports Goëvia

At the beginning, Transports GLS (before taking the name Transports Goëvia) offered integrated logistics to customers. In concrete terms, this means that we set up a team directly at the customer’s premises to manage all sorts of tasks that are essential in logistics: preparing goods, shipping them, labeling packages and pallets, and loading them into transport vehicles. During this period, we had up to 25 employees moved between Bordeaux and Paris, available to clients to support their industrial ambitions.

The logistics part of GLS’s activity increased significantly in 2006, when the Vayres site became a Volupal platform. Starting this year, the carrier begins to administer the transit of all network cargo in the southwestern quarter, in partnership with other Evolutransians. This supervision of cross-dock operations over a large southwestern quarter of France means that we are now managing from 30 to 1,000 pallets daily.

When they joined Evolutrans and accepted the status of Volupal platform, Joël and Eve Gonzalez seized this proposal as an opportunity to diversify and structure the logistics branch of their business. Indeed, Volupal imposes strict specifications on all its members: respecting these specifications guarantees a level of service that largely meets the expectations of the various customers.

New logistics services to be offered from 2023

Transports Goëvia is asserting its ambition in terms of logistics, with the arrival of a new 1,500m² warehouse in Saint-Loubès for 2023. This first step makes it possible to set up concrete and complete logistic solutions for new customers, from storage to order preparation to shipping to the final recipient.

Today, Transports Goëvia already relies on a fine logistics team, formed by employees who are experts in their respective fields. We also rely on our cross-docking warehouse located in Vayres, the reference platform of the Volupal network. This is managed by a wide range of skills, from the dock agent to the logistics manager, via the handlers. Our in-house design office, often commissioned to think up tomorrow’s transport solutions, is also called upon to accelerate innovation and create value in our logistics offering, always for the benefit of our customers. Not forgetting our sites in Tonnay-Charente and Cestas.

Even greater ambitions for Goëvia’s logistics services by 2025

In addition to what has already been secured for 2023, we are looking ahead to 2025, when we expect to complete the expansion of our Vayres site from 3,700 to 6,000 square meters. The whole, spread over 3 hectares of land. The objective, with this extension, will be to have a larger logistic surface, reproducing the Saint-Loubès model and bringing it to the scale of Vayres.

In Vayres, we offer a wide range of logistics services: storage of our customers’ goods, preparation of their shipments, but also the handling of more specific requests such as racks or bi-temperature.

This logistics depot, backed by the Volupal platform, will represent a considerable asset. It will rely on the leading independent network in France with nearly 2 million pallets to its credit. It will simplify the storage and shipping of your goods anywhere in France with great agility since your pallets to be shipped will already be stored on site, thus reducing the economic and environmental impact.

With the deployment of this logistics offer, as with the evolution of all our services in general, we are committed to to adapt ourselves in the best possible way to the evolution of the customer’s needswhile offering them the opportunity to have a single point of contact for all their transport and logistics needs.

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