The environment, a subject that has made its mark

1 Apr, 2021

We’ve already said it a lot, but for those of you who only discovered us today, in 2021 Goëvia celebrates its 20th anniversary! If we look at these 20 years of evolution under the prism of ecology, we can say that the subject has made its place over time. Twenty years ago, when the company was founded, ecology and the transportation sector were rarely part of the same sentence. Today, it is the opposite, each decision, each action tries to be part of a virtuous ecological approach of the company.

A sector that has evolved a lot

It is necessary to underline all the efforts of the profession in terms of ecology and sustainable development for 20 years. Just as in society, the subject has made its way into the mindsets and actions of transport companies.

At Goëvia, we too have been learning and trying to improve. When the company was founded in 2001, ecology was not an issue. The company was trying to find its place, to become more professional, to build relationships of trust with its customers and partners.

The notion of sustainable development began to arise when the company expanded, increased the number of employees and deployed its fleet. The first actions considered were aimed at limiting the impact of our company on the environment. But this subject was new for us, we were willing but self-taught and poorly organized.

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Structure yourself to gain in efficiency

In 2016, we wanted to professionalize our approach. We therefore recruited Channelle Pelz as Quality Safety Environment (QSE) Manager. Channelle has allowed us to structure our actions, to have a much more global and methodical approach to the environmental issue.

This way we have been able to be consistent and efficient throughout our production chain. Indeed, every employee and every department has a role to play in making Goëvia a virtuous and responsible transport company.

To reduce our carbon footprint, we have implemented several actions which, on an industrial scale, bring real results:

  • Our fleet is 100% equipped with EURO 6 and EURO 6 + engines
  • We have integrated hybrid vehicles for our deliveries in the city center of Bordeaux,
  • All our drivers are trained in eco-driving practices,
  • the driving behavior of our drivers is collected and analyzed in real time thanks to an application in order to be optimized,
  • We carry out a continuous and automatic measurement of the tire pressure thanks to an innovative partnership with the Bridgestone brand. This control helps to limit accidents (the number of incidents and breakdowns related to tires was divided by 10 in 2019) but also to reduce fuel consumption (0.6 L per 100 were saved on average on the fleet)
  • Waste sorting management actions.

2021 an “active” phase of actions

Since 2015 and the signing of the CO2 charter, renewed in 2019, our actions have focused on limiting the impact of our action on the environment with many quantified and observed results.

But in 2021 we want to go even further in our eco-responsible commitment. We are aware that our position as a player in the transport industry requires us to be responsible and demanding on ecological issues in order to make the profession evolve further on its practices: the health crisis has proven that we are an essential link in the local and national daily life, we must therefore live up to this position by being proactive on environmental issues and in the front line in the battle against global warming.

Thus we have ordered 8 tractors powered by Bio fuel. We are in the process of installing a tank at our site in Cestas. This 50,000L tank will supply rapeseed oil to this new fleet. After the test phase, we hope to democratize this option and extend it to a larger part of our fleet.

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