The job of a driver for a carrier and its multiple facets

As an employee of a road haulage company, the driver’s main and central mission is to ensure the transport of goods from the shipping area to the final consignee. Depending on the case, the nature of the merchandise and the customer’s specific needs, he or she may have to drive a light vehicle, a heavy goods vehicle or even a super heavy goods vehicle. At the same time, since they are in contact with customers, suppliers and other participants in the logistics chain, drivers must be able to convey a good image of their company and its values at every stage (loading, unloading, road traffic, etc.).

An exciting career in transport with real responsibilities

Drivers of HGVs and Super HGVs travel the length and breadth of France and Europe every day. At the heart of this often solitary daily routine, these transport professionals readily admit that they enjoy discovering new regions and meeting new faces every day.

The truck driver’s job involves working as part of a team communicating with operations and other staff to tracking goods is a recurring task. At the same time, these drivers also have to pool their skills with those of other people during loading and unloading… And during these phases too, you have to be sure of the quality of your work. respect for the company’s image.

Of course, the truck driver is responsible for the documents on board the vehicle: he must ensure that he always has in his possession the delivery notes and other compulsory administrative documents. Professionals who choose this profession must transport regulations. Often, and this is the case at Transports Goëvia, they can undergo training and upgrade their skills (taking a higher license, learning to handle and manage the transport of hazardous materials, etc.).

What a truck driver does

More generally, as a road haulage professional, the driver must guarantee the safety of goods and people, in particular by ensuring that compliance with loading/unloading and handling procedures. He must be able to use all his navigation equipment wisely, and pass through the FIMO (Formation Initiale Minimale Obligatoire). With a basic knowledge of mechanics, they may be required to carry out first-level maintenance on the vehicles they use.

At Goëvia, drivers are constantly evolving

At Transports Goëvia, we are strongly committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and more specifically to human resources management. We believe that every employee should be able to develop his or her full potential, whether on our premises in Vayres, Cestas or Tonnay-Charente, or on the roads throughout France.

In this way, our drivers can easily take advantage of to take the next step up in their training to the one they already hold. They are accompanied on a daily basis by a driver instructor, who is responsible for their integration and follow-up. It offers personalized advice on how to improve eco-driving gestures. It also analyzes the data provided by the on-board computer to identify risky behavior, and provides the keys to correcting it in a benevolent way.

The entire career path of our drivers is performance-oriented, providing maximum motivation for our teams. Finally, we also work every day to break down the codes and prejudices of a profession still considered very masculine: at our company, drivers are also female drivers!


Choosing the right transport company

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