The new jobs in the transport SMEs

17 Feb, 2023

Transportation is the fifth largest economic activity in France, providing two million jobs. However, the sector is undergoing major changes and the professions that make it up are no exception to this trend. Small and medium-sized transport companies must therefore deal with major issues (ecology, safety, economy) while developing cross-disciplinary skills internally and recruiting job descriptions that were previously reserved for their more industrial-scale counterparts.

Indeed, in recent years, Goëvia has chosen to anticipate the evolution of the profession and to accompany the new demands of its clients by developing its recruitment with hybrid profiles focused on expanded fields of action.

A constantly changing context

The global context (COVID, inflation, energy crisis, environmental conversion …) has required companies to be very agile in a short time to adapt to the changing demand and challenges. We were therefore forced to transform ourselves faster than the training centers set up channels.

The solution? Reorientation, evolution and internal training coupled with the creation of new positions: Design Office, Management Controller, Financial Director, Chartering Manager with a linguistic dimension to go towards international freight for example. Thanks to these evolutions, we are getting closer to our ambition of becoming a Transport Operator and broadening our offer beyond our production field.

Our team has also been enriched by profiles from other sectors of activity. The health crisis has reshuffled the deck on the applicant side as well. Professionals from the restaurant or wine industry, for example, in search of a new life, have come to our activity. They find in Road Transport the dynamism, the sense of service and the commitment that they liked, while reconciling their professional and private lives more easily.

A global vision and action of Human Resources

Closer to our core business, we seek to go further in our daily practices thanks to a heterogeneous HR team. Over time, the team has grown and recomposed itself to adapt to changes: a student on a work-study program to reinforce accompaniment and recruitment, and two driver-instructors.

In the context of continuous training, the arrival of these drivers/instructors makes it possible to train and support our drivers in the new challenges of driving, particularly in terms of ecology and health and safety prevention: these instructors are an extension of the field, directly linked to the overall HR approach.

Our company has also come a long way in terms of QSE. We have welcomed specialized professionals in the QSE and CSR field to help us evolve on these multiple issues common to all departments of the company. But the QSE approach is made up of constantly evolving standards and we must constantly question the processes, rethink the way things work and challenge ourselves on the answers we provide.

This CSR awareness has enabled us, for example, to develop the position of Workshop Manager to a more global dimension of Technical Manager. The objective of the technical manager is to accompany the energy conversion of Goëvia, in particular by managing the choice and treatment of fuels.

Valuing the creativity of our small road transport company

Understanding and anticipating the market also allows us to broaden our scope of action beyond our primary area of production: freight transport. The creation of a chartering department has enabled us to move from the status of a carrier to that of a more complete transport organizer.

The mastery of this complete offer encouraged us to develop our commercial division towards commercial engineering. For example, we are committed to limiting low-value-added and time-consuming tasks through digital technology in order to devote team resources to the core of their multi-skilled and technical missions.

Thus, the cooperation of our field sales staff, key accounts and our integrated design office puts us in the front line to participate in national tenders. It was an opportunity for us to prove our mastery of our home territory, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine, while demonstrating the agility and creativity that an SME can still bring to its customers and their projects.

Whether you are a student, looking for a career change or looking for a new partner, our small trucking company might just surprise you!

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