The pointing and flashing of the goods in brief

Merchandise check-out is an operation used to identify the quantity and quality of merchandise as it passes through an assignment site. This process involves checking that items conform to the rules specified by the client, as well as counting quantities and assessing the general condition of the goods. As part of a checkout operation, it is advisable to open the packs to check the contents. Flashing does not require opening the package. It is simply designed to facilitate information feedback and generate proof of delivery (POD) as quickly as possible.

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Upon receipt of the goods, the consignee officially takes possession of the goods. He/she is called upon to carry out a checking operation, which consists of controlling the quality and quantity of the merchandise. At this point, it can involve two distinct players:

  • The carrier for damage and shortages, if noted on arrival and in the presence of the driver;
  • The supplier, if there is a quality or quantity inconsistency with the initial order.

Each quality control can be carried out using several reference criteria, depending on the nature of the goods and the specific requirements of each customer.

Why is it necessary to flash goods in transport and logistics?

Don’t confuse pointing with flashing. The first step is a genuine inspection, which can be more or less complete depending on the case. The second simply completes and facilitates real-time information feedback and exchange.

For example, at the moment of delivery or drop-off, flashing enables direct information to be given to the shipper, complete tracking to be carried out, and feedback to be generated for all players in the supply chain.

Thanks to the implementation of flashing processes, you can generate a proof of delivery (POD) very quickly, and even sign it (provided you have the necessary equipment). Regular flashing of goods in transit ensures optimum traceability at every stage of the shipment, from pick-up to final delivery (with precise tracking of all load breaks and events).

At Transports Goëvia, we have set up sophisticated traceability systems, with systematic flashing operations and rigorous clocking-in. We make a point of adhering to strict specifications at every stage of the process, to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction and enable them to maintain their brand image.


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