The Pretty Christmas Stories at Goëvia

20 Dec, 2022

It’s the home stretch before Christmas and in the manner of traditional end-of-year TV movies, we wanted to spread some Christmas spirit. Just because we’re a carrier doesn’t mean we don’t have some great stories to tell you. We put on our best Christmas hat and let’s go for the end of year tales from Goëvia!

Santa at the wheel for Goëvia

It’s not because they are the children of our employees, but Santa Claus has understood that the little ones have been very good again this year! So, before his official tour, Santa Claus came to meet another professional of the goods transport, Goëvia.

We lent him a truck to make a special tour for our employees’ children under 6 years old. Exceptionally, Santa Claus was pleased to meet the children and deliver their gifts in person!

A magical moment for everyone that brought the spirit of Christmas into the homes of Gironde and Charente a few days before the official date.

“But why isn’t Santa Claus in a sleigh? Little Benjamin did notice a difference … but when the sleigh is being serviced before the big night, Santa trusts the Goëvia trucks!

Course: Boris, leaving each other to better find each other!

Boris is our training driver, but our story together begins long before that.

Boris started several years ago at Goëvia as a driver. After having walked the roads of the Gironde, he wanted to live new adventures and to discover another daily life.

After 7 years as a driver, and then an evolution as a night regulator where he was in charge of the coordination of our action during the Bordeaux marathon, Boris wanted to return to his first love, driving, in another structure.

4 years later, Boris wants to come back to Goëvia with a unique project. He offers to become the first driver-monitor of Goëvia. We are delighted to welcome Boris back to our team, with a project that fits perfectly with our current needs! Indeed, continuous training, support and listening to our drivers are one of our priorities for 2022. In order to find Boris and to continue to improve our goods transport service, we have created for him the first position of Driver-Trainer at Goëvia. He is in charge of the integration of new employees and the continuous training of each driver.

The joys of everyday life

As you surely know, the life of a goods transport driver is not always easy… and despite all the care, experience and seriousness they show, our drivers sometimes find themselves in difficult situations.

Last December, one of our drivers left with his load to make his delivery through the small roads that cross the Bordeaux vineyards. But access to the castles is not always easy and the roadsides are not always passable, especially after days of rain in the Gironde sky.

After having made his delivery, our driver has to maneuver to get back on the road, but the space is reduced and the shoulders are full of water… Unfortunately, the front wheel of the truck gets stuck in the mud along the road.

The driver, only a few kilometers away from our headquarters in Vayres, is trying to get out of this complicated situation with his colleagues. As we know, the driving profession is a cohesive group. But that day, an unexpected team arrived on the scene to help. Operational manager, logistics manager and operator, Antoine, Hugo and Vincent arrive within minutes to help with the breakdown. Their attire is unconventional for the task at hand, but there is no time to waste!

Commitment and mutual aid are founding values at Goëvia, and our driver was able to see that these are not just empty words, but a state of mind of all employees, in every circumstance.

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