The role of the operator in a freight transport

One of the many jobs in a road haulage company is that of operator. On a daily basis, it is responsible fororganize all transport and logistics activities. He or she is required to liaise with the company’s various departments, drivers and customers. Every day, he thinks about how to make things work better in the future. It must also take care of vehicle fleet maintenancemanagement androute optimization or the construction of team schedules. Essential to any transport company, this job is as exciting as it is diverse!

The main tasks of a road transport operator

When faced with a customer (loader) order, the operator must be able to determine its feasibilityand identify the material and human resources required to provide the service requested. Knowing his teams and fleet inside out, he finds the most appropriate response to deliver total customer satisfaction – while optimizing costs and time spent.

On a regular basis, the operator may also need to browse freight exchange offers. It takes care of record transport orders and allocate them to teams, not forgetting to assign vehicles to drivers. His approach to transport is not just theoretical, it’s also operational: once he’s organized and scheduled the routes, the operator remains available to monitor and assist drivers every step of the way. It carries out technical monitoring and schedules the necessary maintenance and repair work on vehicles.

The role of an MRT operator

The operator’s job is very comprehensive, and generally includes other tasks such as handling complaintshandling complaints, managing disputes, setting up procedures, drawing up quotations and transmitting information to billing departments.

Goëvia's operators are passionate about their work

At Transports Goëvia, we adopt a humane and inclusive recruitment policy, giving all profiles a chance and always focusing on career development. For our operations department, we are looking for people who can team playerswith good communication skills and good interpersonal skills.

Operations works hand in hand with the
logistics department
but also accounting, commerce and administration. Employees need to be able to interact easily with all these departments, and not hesitate to call on them for all the information they need on a daily basis to transport goods.

Operators have to deal with the unexpected every day unexpected events every day… They have to find solutions and adapt constantly, without ever forgetting safety and customer satisfaction, which are always two priorities. Stress resistance is a useful prerequisite!

Working on the farm requires rigor, autonomy and versatility skills that can also be acquired over time, with experience. Depending on each employee’s aspirations, positions can be easily upgraded to those with greater responsibility.


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