The start of the new school year for students on work-study programmes in the world of freight transport

29 Sep, 2022

September is always synonymous with the beginning of a new school year! And our small transport company is no exception to the rule. This is an appointment we are used to by now. Every first two weeks of September, we are happy to welcome the new Goëvia apprentices who come, thanks to their work-study training, to confront their practical knowledge with the reality of the field.

This year, we are happy to welcome back a part of the team of work-study students for their second year of training and to welcome a new class of students. So, for their arrival, we couldn’t resist subjecting them to a little interview.

Leïla, Noé, Thomas, Chloé and Alexandre are our first year students. They tell us more about their choice of work-study program and more specifically about Goëvia.

Why did you choose the work-study program?

Leila, driver, Vayres site: I chose the work-study program because it’s a good balance for entering the workforce. I find that training is more rewarding when you can directly apply what you learn.

Noé, business pole: I chose the work-study program to link the experience I learned on the job, the shared knowledge of my colleagues, and the theoretical courses. I can also enter the workforce while continuing my studies and begin to acquire good professional reflexes.

Thomas, Business Unit: I chose the work-study program because it’s a way of working that suits me. The work-study program allows for direct immersion in the company, which allows us to gain professional experience and is an important advantage for the rest of my studies. The work-study program also has the advantage of preparing for a degree while receiving a salary every month.

Chloé, chartering division: Alternating between school and company allows us to gain more professional experience and is a real asset when looking for a job.

Alexandre, driver, Tonnay site: I chose the work-study program because I thought it was the best way to discover and learn this profession in the best conditions: to have experience as an apprentice before taking up a position as a fully independent driver. With the work-study program, I discover all the aspects of the job as well as the other positions that make up the company.

Why choose Goëvia for your training?

Leïla : I chose Goëvia because the company is close to my home and also because of its type of transport, courier. I am a student working as a truck and truck driver. It seems to me that it makes more sense to start with courier services to get a feel for the business and the vehicles.

Noé: I chose Goëvia because the position offered was interesting: diversified missions, the possibility to access several aspects of the job. During the interview, I found the environment and atmosphere friendly and professional, suitable for learning and working well.

Thomas: I chose Goëvia because it corresponds to my professional project, but also for the ambitions of the company. I am very happy to be doing my internship at Goëvia, motivated and I will invest as much as possible during these 2 years.

Chloé: Goëvia seemed to me to be a dynamic company and the work-study proposal was very interesting.

Alexandre : I chose Goëvia by recommendation. I know a Goëvia employee who recommended his company to me for my internship. I had the opportunity to work with Schenker and Kuehne Nagel, who offered me the chance to do a work-study program with them, but the idea of working with a family business on a human scale attracted me even more.

Ready for a taste of working life, is this a first?

Leïla : First work-study program but being in professional reconversion, I know the active life! From my first work experience, I loved being active and seeing a “purpose” in my days. Going back to school, I love learning, but it seemed difficult to stay in class all year.

Noah: I am more than ready! I can’t wait to get started and get into the working world, especially with a team like Goëvia’s. I will make every effort to do my best and move forward, to develop myself. I’m going to discover everything about working life, I’ve just come out of high school with a Baccalaureate S, it’s the first time I’m working and I find it very stimulating.

Thomas: Yes it’s an important change for me, with the work-study program and the company it’s a format that changes a lot and has nothing to do with college or school. It is a great first for me, having never worked in a transport company, there are many things to learn, because it is a varied and versatile sector, which requires much investment.

Chloe: This is my second year of work-study, I had already discovered working life and its rhythm. But I am very happy to start again this year and to discover the Goëvia rhythm.

Alexander: It’s a first for me to work in a transportation company. I was able to start out as an LCV driver and dock agent before starting school. So I was able to discover the organization from a more general point of view. It will only be beneficial for me once I graduate. For the moment, I am very happy with the support I have received since my arrival and I do not regret my choice!

But we are also lucky enough to have our 2nd year students back for the second year in a row. This is an opportunity for us to review their training at the halfway point and for them to give their recommendations to their new colleagues!

What does it mean to be in the second year of a sandwich course?

Océane, trade pole: This year, I am in charge of developing new business sectors: wine growers, merchants and wine merchants on the right bank of the Gironde. It is stimulating.

Paul, design office: there won’t really be any changes for this 2nd year of the work-study program. I will continue to work on projects similar to the ones I did in my first year.

What are the challenges for this year?

Océane: To develop my client portfolio and my turnover.

Paul: For this year, my most important project will be to create a tool that will help drivers control the highway budget.

Any advice for newcomers?

Oceane: Be rigorous!

Paul: I would say don’t be afraid to communicate and open up to everyone, to better understand the business issues.

The transmission of knowledge is a pillar and historical value at Goëvia. We are proud to see our employees keep this tradition alive by welcoming, training and accompanying students every year. A state of mind that radiates throughout the company as the young trainees support and advise each other.

A tradition that is not about to die out since we are always ready to welcome young people in training and to accompany the evolution of all!

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