The top 3 advantages of groupage goods

14 Apr, 2021

Do you want to reduce your transportation budget or limit the carbon footprint of your shipments? Think about groupage of goods! If you need to ship smaller orders, ask your carrier about groupage offers. Our experts explain all the advantages of this method which allows the grouping of products in a warehouse to organize a t ransportation of goods .

1 : Save money with the groupage of goods

Thanks to the sharing of your goods with those of other customers, your transport costs less! Indeed, if your goods do not require a Full Truck Load (when the goods of a single customer fill a truck), opt for the groupage of goods! Your transport provider will then only charge you for the space your goods occupy in his vehicle. As a small or medium-sized business, you benefit from affordable shipping rates. Reduce the cost of your transportation and get a quote for your next shipment in just a few clicks: go to our booking platform goevia-online.

2 : Limit the carbon impact of your transportation

With the groupage of goods, the carriers optimize the filling capacity of their trucks. By purchasing this type of service, you contribute to the reduction of the number of vehicles on our roads and therefore to the reduction of CO2 emissions. This maximization of loading capacities allows us to avoid empty truck movements as much as possible, but also to optimize storage space, which is a boon for the environment.

3 : The groupage of goods offers you an excellent quality of service

Thanks to the groupage of goods, your carrier can set up regular lines and offer you quality services at affordable rates. This allows transport companies to process a larger volume of orders simultaneously. By gathering orders of the same type in the same place, carriers optimize the flow, the speed of deliveries and therefore the satisfaction of your customers!

For example, Goëvia transport relies on the Evolutrans network of local transporters. This grouping offers a quality service thanks to its 100 independent SMEs specializing in their territories throughout France. With the help of this network, Goëvia has set up a standard transport plan and customized offers to discover now on goevia-online.

In short, by opting for the groupage of goods, you benefit from a continuous, fast and inexpensive service. These low-cost logistics solutions ensure your customers’ satisfaction while limiting transport damage. All the Goëvia transport teams remain at your disposal to discuss your transport needs. Do not hesitate to contact us or ask to be called back by an expert!

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