The transport of dangerous goods: what rules to avoid risks?

16 Jan, 2023

The acronym “ADR” refers, in the world of TRM (Transport Routier de Marchandises), to the transport of dangerous goods. Requiring specific equipment, training and know-how, this service is not necessarily offered by all carriers. At Transports Goëvia, ADR is clearly part of our business. All our teams are organized to handle several types of dangerous goods, in optimal safety conditions for all.

What is transport ADR (transport of materials hazardous materials) ?

The definition of a dangerous good

The ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) is the legal basis for all TDG (Transport of Dangerous Goods) in France and in Europe. In France, a TDG decree exists to set out more precisely the framework for the transport of dangerous goods by road.

In general, any goods that may represent a risk to humans or the environment are subject to the ADR. It can be a material, an object, a solution or a mixture, but also some waste for example.

In order to better identify them and to adapt all transport procedures, dangerous goods are divided into several classes. These include gases, explosive materials, flammable liquids or solids, radioactive or infectious materials, etc.

Rules for transporting ADR

Before being delivered by a road transport company like Goëvia near Bordeaux, all ADR goods must be assigned a UN code. This international identification number concerns all classes of dangerous goods. It is composed of several numbers corresponding to the following information:

  • The hazard class
  • The classification code
  • The packaging group
  • Special provisions
  • The tunnel restriction code

Of course, the transport of goods The use of specific labels is required for hazardous materials. They must communicate in a standardized way all the information related to the goods, but also to the risks involved.

At the same time, freight transport companies are equipped with ADR kits and specific documents. These must be presented in case of control for all transports of dangerous goods.

Many rules apply exclusively to the transport ofgoods dangerous in Bordeaux and everywhere else. This is the case of the 10 km/h reduction of the maximum speed limit, or the prohibition of loading together with other goods. In addition, when a truck is transporting hazardous materials, it is mandatory to affix an orange plate on the front and rear of the vehicle.

If the drivers and the staff of the transport company are imperatively trained in the management of ADR goods to offer this type of service, theshipper remains in charge of determining the classification of his goods himself dangerous. In case of doubt, he can of course ask his carrier, to avoid any unnecessary risk.

How do the Transport Goëvia guarantee the safety of transport ADR ?

At Transports Goëvia, ADR is a perfectly mastered service. Although it is not the most important part of our activity in transport and logistics in New Aquitaine, we are aware that the slightest unforeseen event, in goodstransport can have extremely serious consequences. This is why we strictly adhere to all the requirements of the regulatory protocols, without hesitating to take additional initiatives to better protect our employees, our surroundings and our environment.

As an industrial transport company in Gironde, Goëvia is one of the transporters CompatibleADRs, trained and equipped to provide these services. Within our teams, all employees, without exception, are aware of the issues and risks associated with the transport of dangerous goods.

At the same time, our drivers are specifically trained in materials management (driving, loading, unloading, precautionary measures, what to do in case of an incident, etc.). Our staff includes two drivers who are specialized ADR instructors, as well as several qualified CODIR members with ADR academic training. Finally, our safety advisor audits every year the ADR procedures implemented and respected within Transports Goëvia, to guarantee a real continuity in prevention as well as in the quality of service.

Book your transportation ADR on line on Goëvia Online

New in 2023: you can now book your ADR hazardous materials transport online on Goëvia Online! A few clicks are enough to obtain your quote, choose your service, confirm and pay for your transport in complete security.

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