Top 3 good habits to adopt to limit damage during the transport of pallets

15 Feb, 2021

Whatever their nature, their destination or their packaging, goods are exposed to multiple risks during their transport. To limit the number of disputes as much as possible, take care of the packaging of your goods, provide as much information as possible to your carrier and carefully fill in your transport documents . Follow our advice and reduce damage during the transport of your goods!

Make sure you pack your goods carefully on your pallet

It is essential to take care of theorganization of your goods on your pallets. The goal? Don’t leave anything out. Your pallet must be solid: the whole must be filmed, or taped and must be able to support several breaks of load. Indeed, in order to be delivered from point A to point B, your goods will probably be loaded and unloaded several times.

Also make sure that your pallet supports are solid and stable . To limit the carbon impact of your shipments, your goods are likely to be stacked in order to optimize the loading of trucks and must therefore be able to withstand the journey. In order to simplify the loading of trucks, prefer standard supports (80×60, 80×120, 100×120, etc). Please note that if you do not havesuitable packaging for your goods, your service provider is certainly able to provide you with it.

Finally, if you are shipping valuable goods, take a few precautions. For example, you can cover your merchandise with a black film to make it opaque. You can also purchase Ad Valorem insurance from your carrier.

Keep in mind that if theshipment is over 3500kg, the handling is your responsibility as the shipper and not the driver’s. Similarly, if you use a container that is not suitable for the nature of the goods, you may be liable for damage.

Communicate precisely the useful information to your carrier

Getting the transport right the first time significantly reduces the risk of damage and ensures your customers’ satisfaction. The goods are then handled less and the handling is made easier.

In general, when you order your transport, it is essential to specify the type of goods you want to send. You must communicate the weight, volume and dimensions of your pallet. With the right information, your carrier will be able to choose the right equipment. For example, if you want to ship lengths of more than 2.4 meters, ask for a tarpaulin transport. He can then load the goods from the side and ensure proper handling.

Also remember to provide detailed information about the delivery location. Specify the opening hours or accessibility constraints.

Finally, remember to label your merchandise to allow the carrier to affix its directional label without taking the risk of confusing your shipment with another. On the label you must indicate: the quantities (ex: 1 pallet/3) and the addresses of the sender and the recipient. Don’t forget to stick handling pictograms on your goods (e.g.: fragile goods, do not stack, etc.) to warn drivers and handlers of the precautions to take.

Carefully fill out the documents that accompany your pallet transport

When you pick up your pallet, carefully fill in the consignment note. It materializes the transport contract: fill it in exhaustively and thus limit the risk of disputes. On the consignment note you must indicate: your name, the date and time of loading, the type and number of pallets, your possible reserves in case of damage. Remember to sign and stamp it.

In case of damage, the reservations must be: motivated (corresponding to a real damage of the goods), precise (quantity and quality of the damaged goods) and characterized (the nature of the damage must be mentioned). They must be transmitted by RAR to your carrier within 72 hours.

You will have understood that during their transport your goods are exposed to multiple risks. By taking care of the preparation of your shipments, you help your service provider to guarantee you a quality transport. Packaging, labeling and documentation are the keys to successful transportation!

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