Transport: a sector with many prospects and developments

30 Mar, 2022

A sector that allows for evolution and reinvention

The road transport of goods is a sector of activity that brings together a large number of professions, courses and professionals. At Goëvia, an employee can spend his or her entire career with us while evolving, training, but above all changing jobs, daily routine and level of responsibility.

At Goëvia, everyone has a chance. We have confidence in young people and the most experienced employees have prospects for development and change. Drivers, docks, operations, sales, administration … our services are not compartmentalized! If you are motivated, have a desire to evolve, or have ideas for training, we will listen to you and support your ambitions.

The proof! Here are some examples of our employees who have been working in road transport for a long time, but who have changed their daily routine and their job several times.

Career development in the road transport sector

Gallien Beaudoux. Gallien started at Goëvia as an implant dock agent at one of our customers in Cestas. Quickly, his qualities and his desire made him climb a step and pass to the position of brigadier in charge of the coordination of the dock agents. And then, in contact with the drivers, Gallien learned to discover the job of last-mile delivery driver. He decided to take the plunge and became a Light Vehicle driver at our Vayres agency in Gironde.

Julien Bessout. Julien started as a driver and then as a mechanic helper in our Vayres park. His qualities and technical knowledge of vehicles are quickly noticed. The company then offered him the opportunity to become a trainer for our drivers. Over time, he continued to develop his mastery and knowledge, which led him to the position of fleet manager at our headquarters in the Bordeaux area.

Steven Rozio. Steven started in Roissy, as a dock agent implanted at one of our clients. After having made his mark and acquired the mastery of the field, he made the choice to accept a transfer to Bordeaux to move to the other side of the business. He became a night dispatcher and took on the challenge of managing the operation alone every night.

Clément Mallard. Holder of a DUT SGM (Science Génie Matériaux), Clément is looking for a summer job before launching his career. He discovered by chance the transport sector and the profession of handler. He will fully embrace the dynamic daily life of trucking and wants to make a career of it. As time goes by, he trains himself and knows how to seize opportunities. He became an administrative agent and then an operator. He masters the sector, its constraints, its functioning, which allows him to be promoted to flow manager. But his ambition does not stop there, Goëvia accompanied Clément towards the validation of his certificate of abilities, because Clément has a project: to open one day his own transport company!

Boris Mendionde. Boris is a truck driver by training and profession, and a good one! His technical and relational qualities allow him to be recognized in his position. After 7 years, he decided to evolve by becoming a Night Regulator, where his talent allowed him to lead large-scale projects at Goëvia. He is in charge of the coordination of our action during the Bordeaux marathon. He continued his evolution towards the Jour operation before returning to his first love, driving in another structure. He returned to Goëvia 4 years later with the project of being a driver-instructor in charge of the integration of newcomers. The management is excited by the project and appoints him to accompany the employees on the issues of driving behavior, toll management …

Clément Galopeau. Clément started out on the platform and then, by dint of his daily contact with the drivers, was tempted to go to the other side of the curtain. He then became a light truck driver and continued his evolution by obtaining his heavy truck license.

Laetitia Geneteix. Laetitia joined Goëvia in the operations department and then moved to the sales department, in charge of the follow-up of key accounts before changing departments again to join the accounting department. There, she was able to be in charge of the accounts receivable and very recently, in charge of the accounts payable.

Reinvent yourself professionally, change your path without changing your sector

This is our DNA at Goëvia but also the strength of the road transport sector. There are no barriers, no partitions for employees. By their merit, their involvement and their desire, careers can be invented, reinvented and written according to your desires and possibilities, whatever your level of study or your training sector.

So why not you? Come and try the adventure of transportation and join our teams!

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