Transport in Bassens : the choice of an innovative company, Goëvia

Are you looking for a transporter in Bassens, and need a company that can innovate and offer you tailor-made solutions? In the heart of this city, ideally located at the gateway to the Bassins à flot district and Bordeaux’s Cité du Vin, near Blanquefort and Carbon-Blanc, you can count on Transports Goëvia to pick up and deliver your pallets of goods, as well as your ADR (transport of dangerous goods), your lengths and much more.

The Gironde transport company that knows how to innovate

At Transports Goëvia, headquartered in the commune of Vayres, east of Bordeaux, we have an in-house design office to draw on on a daily basis. It provides tailor-made tools to meet all customers’ expectations in terms of delivery times, cost optimization and carbon footprint reduction.

At the same time, the Bassens-based company Transports Goëvia has its own online transport reservation tool. With just a few clicks, you can send your pallets from Avenue Félix Cailleau or Bassens station, for example. You enter the recipient’s address, your merchandise details and your specific requirements (e.g. side loading near Avenue Manon Cormier, etc.). Then you can choose your offer, book and even pay for your goods transport to or from Bassens with Goëvia Online. What’s more, the tool includes Track & Trace and many other functions to facilitate communication and reduce the burden of time-consuming administrative management tasks.

Always keen to stay one step ahead of technology, Transports Goëvia was France’s first green transporter for Decathlon. To achieve this, Mercedes was asked to build a truck in a new format (compact and city-compatible, optimizing the number of pallets that can be delivered with a single load).

Our advice for managing your road transport in Bassens

To prepare your goods for transport around Bassens, just a few minutes from the Bordeaux Lac shopping area, don’t forget to take all the necessary packaging precautions. The shipper remains responsible for the way in which he packages and protects the goods. Make sure you build your pallets methodically, film them scrupulously and avoid protruding elements, corners or angles.

Make sure you give your carrier as much information as possible. For example, take care to pass on any data that may have an impact on the organization of the pickup in Bassens or the delivery to the recipient. Finally, don’t forget to take out Ad Valorem insurance to protect your merchandise. Although not compulsory, it allows you to be compensated according to the value of your shipment in the event of a problem, thus avoiding excessive and potentially penalizing losses. With Goëvia Online, you can secure your shipment in just a few clicks when you book your freight: it’s simple and perfectly safe.


How to avoid damage and loss in road transport?

Download our free guide outlining the most important tips for avoiding losses during the transportation of your goods:

  • Communicate all information to your carrier
  • Understanding your needs and constraints
  • Choose the right packaging and accessories
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