Transport of goods Bordeaux Angers: some essential advice

Both located close to the Atlantic coast, Bordeaux and Angers are two dynamic cities, each in their own way. The Angers Beaucouzé business park, located just 8 minutes from the city center, is one of the most sought-after business parks in Angers, with 270 companies operating in a wide range of sectors (plastics, electronics, special machinery, retail, business services, etc.). In Bordeaux, too, several areas such as the Mériadeck business district and the Mérignac Aéroparc are home to companies and manufacturers. Do you need the services of a professional transporter from Bordeaux to Angers? If so, call on Transports Goëvia, an SME that listens to the needs of all its customers.

How to choose your Bordeaux Angers carrier

In the heart of Angers, home to the world’s largest medieval tapestry (the Apocalypse Tapestry), you need a professional transporter to load or unload goods? Are you looking for a transport company to handle your pallet shipments between Bordeaux and Angers? Put your trust in Transports Goëvia.

At Transports Goëvia, we guarantee delivery of all pallets within 24-48 hours of picking up the goods from the shipper. When it comes to pricing, we strive for total transparency: whether you use our sales department or our Goëvia Online application, the price of the quote and the invoice are identical.

At the same time, we adhere to a daily CSR policy that drives us to place employee well-being, respect for the planet, innovation and above all customer satisfaction at the heart of our priorities.

Preparing your goods shipment between Bordeaux and Angers

Once you’ve found the best carrier for a shipment between Bordeaux and Angers, take the time to provide the carrier with all the relevant information. If you use the Goëvia Online application, take the time to fill in all the information on the form, so that your transporter can anticipate any possible constraints (side or top loading, difficult street access, sidewalk that prevents the use of a pallet truck, etc.).

Finally, don’t forget that the sender is always responsible for the packaging of his goods. Make sure you build your pallets solidly, protect them with the right accessories and film them properly for your goods transport Bordeaux – Angers.


An innovative, responsible and caring carrier

Our CSR policy targets our relationship with our employees, our customers and the planet… But also our relationship with innovation. Download our free documentation and discover :

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