Transporter in Bordeaux: what can you do to reduce pollution?

7 Jun, 2023

13 French cities have set up Low Emission Mobility Zones (ZFE-m, sometimes abbreviated to ZFE), in which the most polluting vehicles are banned from the roads. By January 1, 2025, all conurbations with more than 150,000 inhabitants must introduce an EPZ. Such is the case of Bordeaux.

For a Bordeaux-based transport company like Goëvia, this decision, while necessary for the well-being of all concerned, represents a constraint that adds to the traffic difficulties in the narrow streets of the city center. What are the latest adaptations to our fleet in anticipation of the introduction of the EPZ? As a carrier in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, how does our distribution model support environmentally responsible deliveries?

Freight transport in city centers: EPZs change the game

In Bordeaux, in the intra-rocade zone, the introduction of the ZFE planned for the end of 2024 should concern Crit’Air 4, 5 or non-classified vehicles. In 2027, restrictions will be extended to Crit’Air 3 vehicles. La Rochelle, on the other hand, is not concerned by the obligation to set up the EPZ. However, the city has taken steps to prepare for a future EPZ.
To remain competitive, transporters in Gironde and the South-West of France need to anticipate the EPZs and use the least polluting goods transport methods possible.

Our latest eco-responsible commitments as a carrier in Bordeaux

Our environmental responsibility is one of our key commitments. Our entire fleet complies with the Euro 6 standard, and some of our trucks run on B100 outside built-up areas. This plant-based fuel reduces CO2 emissions by 60% and fine particle emissions by up to 80%.

We also aim to deliver as cleanly as possible to the city centers and industrial zones of Bordeaux and La Rochelle, as well as to the islands of the Charente archipelago. As a result, we already use a 100% electric vehicle for deliveries in Bordeaux, and in March 2023 we carried out tests on a 100% electric forwarder in Bordeaux.

These initiatives are part of a vast plan to reduce emissions from our fleet, which is currently 25% carbon-free. The aim is to increase the proportion of carbon-free vehicles to 50% by 2025.

Choosing a carrier: the advantages of Goëvia

This is an ambitious goal. To achieve this, our advantage is that we handle 100% of Bordeaux’s distribution, where many carriers subcontract to companies specializing in the urban last mile.

Looking for a transporter in La Rochelle or Bordeaux? Here are the advantages of our integrated distribution:

  • Better tracing quality: you can be sure that the transport is really clean, and can communicate to your customers that you are using a low-pollution carrier in Bordeaux or La Rochelle.
  • Time control: you can monitor the status of your delivery, every day and at any time.

An integrated, transparent carrier price : you can quote online on Goëvia Online and benefit from a clear carrier price.

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