Understand everything about your diesel indexation

Fuel prices rise and fall according to a number of parameters, not least the global geopolitical context. For hauliers, this represents a real risk on a daily basis, given that diesel fuel dominates transport costs. To protect transport and logistics professionals, a law has been passed making it possible to apply a diesel tax at bottom of invoice. This raises the price of transport when fuel prices rise – and naturally falls when pump prices move in the opposite direction. With Transports Goëvia, you can estimate your diesel tax freely and transparently, using our free calculator. What’s more, our online booking tool
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automatically includes the amount of this tax in the quote.

Legal framework for diesel tax

The law of January 5, 2006 defines the application and indexing procedures for diesel fuel in the road haulage sector. The aim, for carriers, is to be able to pass on variations in charges to the price of transport.

In concrete terms, with the application of the diesel tax, your professional haulier can revise his rate as of right if there is a variation in the cost of fuel between the date the contract is signed and the date the service is provided.

Your road haulage company can choose from various calculation methods for its diesel indexation, all of which are based on CNR (Comité National Routier) indicators:

  • CNR professional diesel: fuel cost index excluding VAT, taking into account supply methods and partial reimbursement of TICPE.
  • CNR diesel excluding VAT: same as CNR professional diesel, without partial reimbursement of TICPE.
  • Monthly average diesel pump price: diesel pump price, excluding VAT.
  • CNR average tank diesel prices: prices for tank deliveries, excluding VAT.

A must for keeping up with road transport costs

Don’t forget: without fuel, your carrier won’t be able to deliver the goods. Logically, diesel fuel is his main expense, which can make him very vulnerable in the event of inflation at the pump. This indexation mechanism is not designed to penalize shippers; it is designed to be as fair as possible, and above all to protect the health of road haulage companies.

At Transports Goëvia, we don’t rely solely on diesel indexation to manage our fuel costs. In fact, with our in-house design office and our operations department, we take every measure to optimize the transport plan. Our aim is to load the trucks as much as possible and to reduce as far as possible the number of empty kilometers. At the same time, we are promoting groupage and deconsolidation methods that further improve truck filling, not forgetting the use of alternative energies wherever possible: Oleo100, hybrid engines. Last but not least, we only use Premium fuel, to which we add an additive that helps reduce fuel consumption.


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