What is a transport plan in the MRT?

For all professional transporters, the transport plan is at the heart of their strategy and internal organization. This is used to coordinate routes, optimize them as far as possible, manage loading dock occupancy and offer customers the best value for money, according to their specific needs. Focus on a key element of any professional carrier’s strategy, inseparable from the challenges of controlling lead times and service quality.

Complex transport plans designed in-house

At Transports Goëvia, the transport plan involves all our staff: the design office, operations and logistics. All trades have to work on it. These days, transport plans tend to become increasingly complex, with the development of e-commerce and the diversification of collection and delivery points. More than ever, transport and logistics professionals must be able to use state-of-the-art tools to perfect their transport plans. This is exactly what we do at Goëvia, thanks to our know-how and our strategic choice to work with our own in-house design office, at our Vayres site east of Bordeaux.

Today, professionals in the road haulage industry use business software called TMS (Transport Management System) to standardize data and simplify communication between all departments as far as possible, with regard to the transport plan and other issues. This computerized and automated mode of operation reduces the risk of errors and misunderstandings, while offering greater flexibility and better traceability – allowing us to be more responsive and reduce risks.

What are the essential criteria for a good transport plan?

A good transport plan not only reduces the number of empty kilometers, but also optimizes the loading of each vehicle – from both an ecological and an economic point of view. This transport plan also serves commercial objectives: reducing delivery times, customer satisfaction and loyalty. When well-designed, it can be used to consolidate orders that can be grouped together. A good transport plan is a guarantee of quality: it reduces load breaks, is scalable and helps to keep all operational costs under control.

A transport plan takes into account all the human and technological / material resources available within the company. It’s a real economic lever for making the most of employees’ working time (especially that of drivers), increasing truck fill rates, reducing fuel consumption, speeding up loading and unloading phases, coping with border controls, road detour and all legal constraints.


Our CSR policy as a carrier

As a road haulage company, CSR has been one of our top priorities for several years now:

  • At employee level
  • At customer level
  • At the global level
  • Our ability to innovate

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