What is the purpose of dumpster transportation?

Tippers are sometimes used in road haulage operations. They are designed to carry all kinds of products. bulk materials of various sizes. They are generally used for very heavy goods, which are not compatible with the use of a pallet as a handling support.

The different types of skip transport

Depending on the circumstances, a carrier may need to use several types of tippers: a grain bucket for foodstuffs or a worksite tipper for the construction industry, for example. Other types of skips exist, and can be called upon depending on the type of transport required (sand, gravel, earth, rubble, etc.).

Tippers are not exclusively used in the road haulage sector. It can also be used for rail and mining transport (tipper wagons).

The principle of tipper transport

Not all skips operate in the same way: some can be emptied by simply can be emptied simply by tippingothers have a trapdoor on the lower part for automatic automatic emptying. Tippers can sometimes be fitted with a bar belt or conveyor belt, to simplify the task of emptying the skip of its entire load.

The origins of the tipper, before today's semi-trailers and trucks

Tippers have been around for hundreds of years: in the past, the term “tombereaux” was used to designate this wooden ancestor of the tipper, pulled by animals (draught or hand). The use of tippers became more widespread in the 19th century, then during the First World War. At the time, hydraulic systems were used to simplify handling of the buckets. This invention is the source of much disagreement, with different protagonists claiming it (such as Charles Dewald and Gardield Wood, among others).

In the 1960s, tippers were still mainly made of wood.. Gradually, alternatives such as steel are becoming more widespread. Thanks to the arrival of steel on the market, it is now possible to manufacture transport skips in one-piece boxes – an alternative that is both solid and perfectly watertight, and compatible with a wider variety of goods and materials. Later, we also developed aluminum tippers, optimizing space and increasing and thus increase payload.

Using a skip: loading and unloading

There are several different ways of loading a skip With an elevated silo, conveyor belt system, telescopic handler, wheel loader or peg loader. Unloading, meanwhile, can be based on tipping with one or two hydraulic cylinders (tipping compasses).

In the case of side tipping, the bucket may have to be tilted completely, or its side section dismantled. At the same time, a system of jacks is sometimes used to lift the unit and empty it into an elevated container (a bucket elevator).

In short, given the diversity of existing equipment, the
can be adapted to a wide range of requirements and in all industries.

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