What is the role of a technical sales representative in freight transport?

Within a road haulage company, the technical sales representative is the key contact for prospective customers looking for transport and logistics solutions.The technical sales representative is the key contact for prospects looking for transport and logistics solutions.. His role is essentially based on selling the various services offered by the company (pallet transport, courier service, transport of lengths, storage and preparation of orders, technical deliveries, etc.). In addition to sales, this employee is responsible for the company’s overall sales strategy. In this way, they can prepare their own prospecting and sales scripts, and reflect on how to improve their persuasiveness. In collaboration with other departments such as management and operations, he is the guarantor of the effectiveness of the carrier’s sales strategy!

Become a carrier's technical sales representative

There are several ways to become a technical sales representative in a road haulage company like Transports Goëvia. For example, you can take a course at ISTELI (Institut Supérieur du Transport Et de la Logistique Internationale) with a view to specializing. But some salespeople have also been through a BTS Transport or BTS Négociation Relation Client (ideally with a specialization in transport and logistics).

Tasks of a technical sales representative in the transport sector

At Transports Goëvia, we value a recruitment policy recruitment policy open to all profiles. That’s why our sales staff, who are in daily contact with shippers, have different backgrounds. Some have even changed careers – a process that Goëvia fully encourages, especially when it enables them to combine their professional lives with personal fulfillment!

To reflect the role of technical sales representative in the road transport industry, we sometimes use other names such as “attaché commercial”..

The daily life of a technical sales representative at Transports Goëvia

The main challenge for a technical sales representative working for a freight transport company is to understanding the needs of each prospect and customer, in order to meet them precisely.

This professional is confronted with all kinds of customer issues, and must be able to provide a concrete and effective technical response, in order to develop and diversify the carrier’s customer base. diversify the carrier’s customer base.

On a daily basis, the technical sales representative draws up commercial transport offers. He or she may be asked to respond to calls for tender to develop the carrier’s key account portfolio. He must also draw up offers and negotiate sales conditions whenever necessary.

Of course, a successful technical sales representative must be able to able to track performanceto analyze them and draw as many conclusions as possible for improvement. Day after day, he reflects on and improves his prospecting and loyalty methods.

What makes a good technical sales representative for a carrier?

Often on the road, a carrier’s technical sales representative needs to appreciate the field, human contact – and be perfectly at ease with all these issues. With a perfect command of the TRM (Transport Routier de Marchandises) sector, he or she must succeed in terms of transport and logistics.

This highly versatile profession requires the ability to build and adapt a prospecting plan, to use computerized prospecting and analysis tools, to understand all the issues involved in the logistics chain, and to speak two languages (that of carriers and that of shippers, who do not all have the same level of knowledge in TRM).

On a human level, the technical sales representative of a road transport company like Goëvia is a good listener, persevering, pugnacious and open-minded. He or she must also have good presentation and people skills!


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