Why choose Goëvia for your transportation to Amsterdam?

Appreciated by art and culture lovers in general, Amsterdam is world-famous for its Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum, home to 5,000 paintings that tell the 800-year story of Dutch history. Take a cruise along the canal to admire the beauty of the buildings and houses, or plan a detour to the Heineken Experience, the oldest brewery of the eponymous brand – which needs no introduction! History buffs come to visit the Anne Frank House and nature lovers all stop off at the Vondelpark with its ponds, fountains and rose garden… In this city full of surprises and charm, goods come and go: if you need a courier to Amsterdam, discover the advantages of choosing Transports Goëvia.

On-time delivery to Amsterdam

Considered an attractive financial center in Europe and the rest of the world, Amsterdam is also attractive for its high-quality infrastructure (ports and airports) and the presence of international decision-making centers (such as the European Medicines Agency and Eurojust, for example).

If you’re working with the capital of the Netherlands, you need a reliable carrier that meets your specifications. You can trust Transports Goëvia: we’ve been following our customers’ recommendations and requests to the letter for over 20 years. Better still, we continue to follow our eco-responsible and humane ethics every day… For transport and logistics services that are both qualitative and respectful.

Appreciable flexibility in international transport and logistics

Our fleet, based in Vayres near Bordeaux, can easily adapt to any problem. For example, we use tractors and semi-trailers for deliveries to industrial zones in France and the Netherlands. We also have other types of vehicle for specific requirements: hybrid forwarders with fiberglass bodies to deliver to our city centers, among others.

Freight transport expertise to Amsterdam

When you rely on Transports Goëvia for your pallet shipments of goods to Amsterdam, you know you can count on continuously trained employees in all departments (sales, operations, in-house design office) as well as drivers who are fully aware of all your constraints.

Generally speaking, all our employees at Transports Goëvia demonstrate the same commitment at every stage of the logistics chain, to meet the needs and demands of all our customers.

To top it all off, we accompany our transport offer to Amsterdam with a strong social approach and appreciated eco-responsible initiatives (Euro 6 fleet, eco-driving awareness and training, etc.).


Transports Goëvia: a responsible SME in every respect

Download our free guide and find out more about our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy:

  • The well-being of our employees
  • A relationship of trust with our customers
  • Respect for the planet
  • Innovation for all
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