Wine transport: how to reduce disputes and delivery delays?

22 Mar, 2021

You are a winegrower or a wine merchant and you are looking to optimize your transport position? Are you tired of broken bottles and late deliveries? Take advantage of our transport and logistics expertise to reduce disputes and delays in your wine deliveries. Discover our customized offers, XS and S, designed specifically for your smaller shipments.

Choose to transport your wine boxes on pallets rather than by courier

Shipping wine by courier has certain advantages, especially when you are shipping very small quantities of bottles. However, as soon as you want to send several parcels of wine, it is wiser to send your boxes on filmed pallets in order to secure the transport. Wine is indeed a fragile product to handle and to avoid breakage, it is necessary to take a certain number of precautions. At Goëvia, our drivers are trained to handle fragile goods and are aware of your constraints. You should also make sure that you adopt the right reflexes to limit damage during your pallet transports.

Choose a provider with a fast and efficient transportation plan

Your provider’s transportation plan will determine their ability to respond quickly and efficiently or not. Does it have optimal coverage throughout France, or only in its region? Transports Goëvia takes advantage of the Volupal and Volulot network to ship your goods within 24/48 hours anywhere in France at competitive prices.

As Benjamin Gonzalez, President of Transports Goëvia, says: “At Goëvia, we are aware of the challenges of deadlines and quality of delivery service. We are aware that quality transport ensures the satisfaction of your customers, which is why we strive to meet the deadlines announced and to provide you with our logistical expertise.

Adopt Goëvia’s new XS and S offers for your smaller shipments

Goëvia transport offers you new tailor-made services designed especially for your smaller volumes. Take advantage of the XS offer to transport your wine boxes on pallets of less than 100kg. Prefer the S offer for your shipments of pallets under 250kg. For even more simplicity, make your quotes online and book your transportation in one click with goevia-online!

Opt for a transport price per pallet rather than per bottle of wine

Finally, compare the offers! Some carriers offer rate schedules by the pass. However, if you look at these prices in detail, you will see that this type of service is expensive, especially from 60 bottles. All the more reason to choose to transport your wine boxes on pallets.

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