A carrier for Luxembourg that respects the planet

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, divided into cantons such as Esch-sur-Alzette, Capelle, Redange, Grevenmacher and Remich, is a very dynamic country, welcoming a large expatriate population on a daily basis. Once renowned for its steel industry, the country has recently been developing its services sector, and more specifically in certain branches of our economy such as banking. Do you need a road haulage company to deliver or load pallets in Luxembourg? Choose a company that is responsible in every way, trust Transports Goëvia.

It's possible to deliver to Luxembourg while respecting the planet

At Transports Goëvia, we are implementing a number of initiatives to manage long-distance shipping in the best possible way – and to make international shipments as environmentally friendly as possible.

With this in mind, we regularly renew our fleet of vehicles. Today, this is at least Euro 6 certified – bearing in mind that we also use hybrid vehicles and B100 engines, particularly on the last mile.

All our drivers receive eco-driving awareness training. In their cabs, they use innovative driver assistance tools that provide them with relevant information on their driving in real time, and enable them to adapt to consume as little as possible – without forgetting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the process.

An ethical international carrier makes all the difference

When you’re looking for a road haulage company in Luxembourg, you’ll undoubtedly want to take a close look at the values espoused by Transports Goëvia. This SME is based east of Bordeaux, in the commune of Vayres. We are committed to providing an optimal working environment for all our employees, from drivers and logisticians to customer service and operations.

Transports Goëvia’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy doesn’t just apply to environmental issues. Indeed, we are also committed to nurturing our relationships with all our customers and to preserving and improving the working environment of our employees on a daily basis.

If you work with an ethical international carrier, this will enable you to confirm your values in your choice of partners on a human level. But you’ll also appreciate working with a reliable company that listens to your needs, is flexible and is always looking to innovate for its customers.


An innovative, responsible and caring carrier

Our CSR policy targets our relationship with our employees, our customers and the planet… But also our relationship with innovation. Download our free documentation and discover :

  • Our CSR priorities
  • Our concrete commitments
  • Our improvement projects
  • Our values and ethics
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