Professional carrier in Gironde, deliveries everywhere in France

Professionals, individuals: need a carrier to ship your pallets of goods in France or in Europe? Think local and quality of service, choose Transports Goëvia just near Bordeaux.

m2 of transit


of kilometers per month

pallets delivered each day

Transport of goods : our services

Palletized courier transport<br />


1 pallet up to 250 kg

Pallet transport


Partial and complete lots

Transport of lengths


Up to 6.5 meters

Shipping of goods in France and abroad

Are you looking for a carrier to deliver a batch of a few pallets quickly to your consignee? Explain your needs to your Goëvia contact, he will be able to offer you one of the following services:

  • Transport of complete or partial lots via the Volupal network, 1 to 6 pallets or Volulots, 7 to 15 pallets
  • Groupage of goods to multiple destinations
  • Parcel distribution – courier services

Do you have more complex needs in terms of road freight transport? Everything is possible through our wide range of services:

  • Transport of dangerous goods (ADR)
  • Transport of lengths and bulky items via Volulots
  • Shipping of rolls and backsplashes
  • Single pallet management

All this combined with fast delivery times, between 24 and 48 hours.

As a member of the Evolutrans network, Goëvia offers direct and daily connections with all Volupal platforms. Volupal handles 2 million pallets each year; it is the leading independent palletized courier network!


Our offer is aimed at all professionals in a wide range of fields: manufacturers, retailers, craftsmen, winemakers, restaurateurs, horticulturists and nurserymen, public or private establishments, but also organizers of sporting or cultural events such as trade fairs, exhibitions, sports events, etc.


Our customized transport and logistics services

Transport of technical lots

Technical lots

Delivery in SAS at night, in total autonomy

Car rental with driver

Car rental + driver

Our expertise in your colors

Parcel transport

Urban messaging

Delivery of your packages in the city centers

International transport all over Europe


Continental Europe, 11 languages mastered

Transport of dangerous goods


Transport of dangerous goods



Solutions for all demands

Prepare your goods transport well

Your carrier needs as much information as possible about the loading and unloading location to pick up your goods.

Discover all the essential tips to guarantee a successful delivery, without litigation and without unexpected events:

  • The packaging of your goods
  • Communication of accessibility information
  • Precautions to take before shipping
The Goëvia accessibility guide

Your human transporter

Transports Goëvia does not limit itself to its material and technological resources. We rely above all on a team of passionate collaborators, placing the human being at the center of all priorities.

When you ask for information on our transport tariffs, when you receive your road transport quote, before and during your shipment, once the goods have arrived at their destination: at every stage, a Your Goëvia contact person is at your disposal to guide you and answer your questions.

Delivering goods in the middle of the city or in complex locations: challenge met!

Do you need to hire a freight forwarder to deliver a store in the heart of the shopping center of Bordeaux or any other city?

Transports Goëvia uses trucks equipped with fiberglass Solight boxes, allowing to transport more goods with less cumbersome vehicles.


Are you looking for a carrier capable of delivering construction materials directly to your site? Sensitive goods in the heart of a factory?

Transports Goëvia has the fleet and the equipment necessary to intervene on building sites, platforms, quays or even factories… An expert and flexible industrial transporter!


Do you need to hire a freight specialist to deliver to a hard-to-reach area?

At Goëvia, we adapt our transport plan to your requirements. Thus, we deliver to islands, high mountain destinations and rural areas, in Gironde and everywhere else.

A carrier perfectly equipped to meet your needs

Hybrid carriers

Equipped with Solight checkouts to deliver to hypercenters

Refrigerated semi-trailers

With controlled temperature

Light vehicles

For the delivery of parcels to individuals and professionals

Tarpaulin box

To unload from the side or the roof

Double floors

To optimize vehicle loading

Dedicated tippers and pallet trucks

Simple and secure handling

A transport company with expertise in goods traceability

The respect of the commitments is a priority for all the team of Transports Goëvia:

  • Deliver the goods on time (generally 24-48 hours) and without any unexpected events
  • Respect the time requirements of our customers
  • Organize appointments and honor reserved slots


In addition to this quality of service, which is a priority for us, we also strive to meet our objectives in terms of traceability. For this, we rely on several solutions:


  • Drivers systematically equipped with smartphones to scan delivery receipts
  • Scanning of goods at each shipping stage with barcode reader
  • Real-time vehicle geolocation
  • 24/7 shipment tracking via Goëvia Online

Teams that make the link in the field

The human being at the center of the exchanges. If these technologies do not meet all your expectations, the Goëvia teams are at your disposal to help you and answer your questions.